Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Johnnie Walker Special Pairing Dishes

Usher in the 2017 Chinese New Year (Year Of The Rooster) with the
luxurious flavours of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve And Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant Special Chinese New Year Set Menu Pairing.

Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant Address
10, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 
Kelab Golf Di Raja Selangor, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Blended from selected reserves of malt and grain whiskies to create the premium drinks experience, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is touted as the celebratory blend fit for indulgent celebrations and festive seasons. Its multi-layered luxurious, creamy and honeyed flavours which are made for unforgettable events with friends and family, is enjoyed neat or even with a choice of mixers due to its versatility.

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festive season, Johnnie Walker, the world's number one Scotch whisky, has collaborated with the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most exquisite restaurant that serves quality Chinese cuisine in traditional fine dining ambience, to introduce a specially selected Chinese New Year indulgent menu that would pair perfectly well with the versatile blend.

Introducing the Golden Dynasty Set (RM 1,688++) featuring Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and a selection of mouthwatering dishes include:-

The first dish on the table is the Braised Australian 3 Head Abalone With Fish Maw - The fish maw was braised to a nice spongy texture while the firm texture of the abalone clearly distinguishes the taste and flavours of these 2 key ingredients. Served with the crunchy boiled broccoli on the side, it makes the perfect combination of the ingredient in this premium dish.

The second dish under this set menu is the Baked Water Prawn With Cheese. Cut in half, each prawn is cooked to extract out the full flavour of the prawn roe with the firm white meat of the fresh prawn. With a strong taste of the roe, it is a perfect match to the light taste of the whisky.

The next dish is the Roasted Crispy Pork's Knuckle. Fried to a deep crisp and crunch, it is the best cooking method that is used to pair to the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. With a slightly salty and firm texture of the meat with a balance of fat and meat, it makes a flavourful combination that only a whisky connoisseur will be able to appreciate to its fullest.

The last dish is the Braised Rice With Rich Soup Served In Claypot. This version of braised rice has some similarity to the Teochew style porridge in which the rice are cooked with a rich seafood broth of prawns, crabmeat and seafood. It is indeed a flavourful dish to end our meal with.

For reservations, kindly contact Golden Dragonboat Restaurant at
03-9281 9933 or 03-9281 1313.
It is open daily from 11 am to 3 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm.
For further information, please visit:-

Facebook page:
#johnniewalker #johnniewalkermy #goldlabelreserve

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Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant Address Location Map

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu Promotion at The Chicken Rice Shop

This 2017 is the Year of The Fire Rooster. For a limited time from 6th January 2017 until 31st March 2017; during this Chinese New Year, The Chicken Rice Shop has crafted out the special Ayam Rangup Berapi.

The crispy and spicy sensation of juicy chicken is served with the special Prosperity Rice will have you craving for more. This newly created fried chicken dish is made from antibiotic-free fresh chicken meat, not frozen. Marinated overnight with secret spices and sauces for full flavour, the chicken is coated with the famous crunchy and tasty "Mister Potato" chips prior to frying. 

Other dishes that are part of the set includes the Nyonya Pai Tee Regular

Quarter Roast Chicken

Tofu With Oyster Sauce

Pak Choy With Oyster Sauce

Prosperity Rice

and Penang Rojak Regular as a dessert.

Now you can enjoy this special set at over 90 outlets in Malaysia and across the border to Singapore and even Brunei! 

For more information on the outlet and promotion, you can visit The Chicken Rice Shop website or facebook page.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Promotion at Sushi King


The year of the Fire Rooster is being welcomed at Malaysia’s all-time favourite Japanese restaurant Sushi King with many seasoned and mouthwatering flavors, as ‘foodies’ can cheerfully look ahead to several delightful auspicious dishes prepared by Sushi King for the cheerful season; bringing people together through quality and fresh food whilst celebrating Chinese New Year in merriment.

Enjoy “Doubly Fresh, Doubly Joyous” dishes from now until 28 February 2017 with a collection of dishes particularly created for the jovial season.

Toss to a doubly joyous and healthy year with the feature of the season, Prosperity Yee Sang. Made with fresh quality ingredients, it is served with premium salmon, harvested from the clear blue waters of Norway.

Other noteworthy dishes to be enjoyed at Sushi King around this festive season are exclusive Chinese New Year sushis such as the Spicy Salmon Teriyaki Sushi,

Salmon Teriyaki Sushi,

Fried Salmon Sushi and other assorted sushi to be devoured.

Sushi king also offers special rice dishes created in Sushi King’s own versions of Salmon Don,

Ontama Salmon Don

and Seafood Bento for those that loves to eat rice dishes.

To double up the excitement and prosperity, customers who spend RM68 and above in a single receipt at any Sushi King outlet can receive an exclusive set of Sushi King Daruma Ang Pows and also be in the running to win an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo.

For more information on the above festive joy, please log on to www.facebook.com/sushikingasia.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu Promotion at Lai Cheng Yuen Restaurant

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur will host an array of auspicious creations and tradition goodies to usher in good fortune and abundance for the Year of The Fire Rooster.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Address
Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2117 4888

Located on the first floor of Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant, headed by Chef Terrence Foong, promises an assortment of delicious traditional Chinese New Year 9 course set menus that start from MYR 1888.00 for a table of ten.

These delectable delights are served from now until 13th February, Chinese Executive Chef Terrence Foong Kuan Ong and his award-winning culinary team have created nine-course grand menus, a la carte menu and buffet spreads for the festive season.

Our review was kick started with a Special Yee Sang with Soba Noodle, Grilled Chicken & Smoked Duck. Chef Terrence's creation to add in Soba, Grilled Chicken and Smoked duck seem out of convention but it does offer a refreshing change with the use of different texture and flavours to this must-have dish for Chinese New Year.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Eastin Hotel 2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu at Ee Cuisine Restaurant

Usher in an auspicious Year of the Rooster with an abundance of prosperity and success at the Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Being one of the traditional festivals, Chinese New Year is the grandest and most important annual event celebrated among the Chinese communities across the world.

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Address
Ee Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagangan Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya

Chinese New Year is all about families, friends and loved ones getting together under one roof indulging in wholesome and sumptuous reunion dinners and reconnecting with each other.

This Chinese New Year, our Master Chefs have lined up flavoursome festive dishes that exquisitely blend both traditional and modern flavours to create an epicurean feast for both young and old alike. Simply perfect for Reunion Dinners, Yee Sang Specials and more. From the 1st January to 11th February, Ee Chinese Cuisine offers more than five types of hearty selection Chinese New Year set menus for your selection.

Starting with the not to be missed out is the one to performance one of the Chinese customary traditions of starting off the feast with the traditional tossing of the Salmon Yee Sang with Fried Fish Skin. At Ee Cuisine Chinese Restaurant it also offers some other unique varieties of Yee Sang including Salmon Trout, White Tuna, Shell Fish, Live Geoduck and others from RM98nett per serving.

The first main on the table was the Soup which is the Eight Treasures Seafood Soup, especially for the seafood lovers. It's rich in seafood flavour especially with ingredients which are crabs, prawns, shark fins, dried scallop and fish maw are some of the treasures you will find in your soup.

Next, we had the Roasted Pei-Pa Duck which was roasted to a perfect crisp with a chef signature Pei Pa sauce that went wonderfully with the roasted duck.

The fish dish which is Steamed Giant Grouper Fillet With Fresh Beancurd Skin and Ginger Sauce was steamed to the right temperature ensuring the tender-firm slice meat texture of this fish a real delight to be eaten. Supplementing the fish is the superior housemade sauce of ginger and scallions.

for the prawn dish, the chef has whipped up the Wok-Fried Sea Prawns Tossed With Golden Salted Egg Glaze. The flavourful salted eggs are nicely glazed to each of the deshelled prawns, making it very easy to eat the prawns.

For vegetables, we were served with the Stuffed Sea Cucumber With Sha Jiang Oyster, Garden Greens & Sea Moss Sauce. We like the premium Sha Jiang Oyster which is a bigger size compared to the normal dried oyster that was used for this dish and paired with the broccoli and stuffed sea cucumber.

For the rice dish, the Chef has created a personal serving portion of the steamed glutinous rice. When it arrives on the table, our first thought is that it resembles the popular Dim Sum dish of the 'Law Mai Kai' but it is seasoned with the Waxed duck meat, sausage and topped with a slice of chicken meat.

For dessert, Chef Alex serves us the Batter Fried Nian Gao With Sweet Potato; a traditional 'Nin Kuo' battered and deep-fried to a golden brown perfection with a nice crisp on the outside while the sweet cake has a melt in mouth texture.

Accompanying the Nin Gao is a sweet and warm offering which is the Double-Boiled Papaya with Osmanthus Flower. 

Other dishes that are available from Ee Cuisine are the Conventional Style Steamed Century Grouper Fish, Live Australian Lobster with Superior Broth, Pan Fried Lamb Rack, Stewed Alisan Abalone with Fish Maw, Wok Fried Live Tiger Prawn with Golden Floss and Crispy Oats, Oven Baked Oyster, and other delightful dishes starting from only RM1,888nett per table of 10 persons.

In addition, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Special Banquet CNY Get Together promotion is also available for those who wish to organise Chinese New Year appreciation dinners with colleagues, clients, business partners, organisations and so on from RM1,588nett per table of 10 persons. 

Please call 603 7665 1111 ext 311 / 340 or email: cateringsales.kl@eastin.com for more details on the menu and other arrangements.

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Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Johnnie Walker Special Pairing Dishes

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Set And Special Steamboat At Secret Garden

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for Chinese all around the world. The celebrate this once a year Spring Festival, families usually serves up authentic Chinese Dishes, but due to the simplicity many chooses the steamboat/hot pot variations. Secret Garden, started to offer a special steamboat for the coming 2017 Chinese New Year promotion.

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant Address
7 & 9, Jalan SS 23/15, 
Taman Sea, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

CNY Steamboat Classic Package
CNY Steamboat Classic Package

We did a previous review of some of Secret Garden signature ala carte dishes when it was opened. But here we are again to taste out their new steamboat offering. For 2017 Chinese New Year, Secret Garden is offering 2 packages for the steamboats.

CNY Steamboat Premium Package
CNY Steamboat Premium Package

What is so special about the steamboat/hot pot offering from Secret Garden. For us, there are 3 things that make a perfect steamboat. The first is the broth, second will be the ingredients and the third is the sauce that goes with your cooked ingredients.

A little secret for you is that one of the core founders of Secret Garden is also the founder of Yezi; which offers premium steamboat to its' patron; needless to say, the offering at Secret Garden is comparable in quality.

We started our steamboat review with a Salmon Yee Sang

As above, there is 2 soup base on offer at Secret Garden. We opted for the Imperial Chicken Broth (RM78.00) which is boiled overnight using chicken, dried ham and dried scallop to ensure the full flavours extraction from all the ingredient that was used. The use of village chicken makes this broth extremely tasty. We took the first spoonful and all of us agreed on the rich broth was so good, we can have this with some white rice.

Seafood Dumplings 'Kao Zi
Seafood Dumplings 'Kao Zi'

The collagen-rich broth was ideal that every time we put some ingredient into the pot, we will taste out the soup, and it never fails us to want more of it.

Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom

The way to truly appreciate this Taiwanese Hot Pot is to ensure that ingredients are simmered in according to a sequence in which the staff at Secret Garden will be on hand to assist you to get the best of the steamboat/ hot pot meal.

Handmade Fish Paste
Handmade Fish Paste

The second criteria of a good steamboat are the ingredient, here at Secret Garden, all the seafood balls and paste are hand made, which means quality and original flavours are as expected.

Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls
 Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls

Some of the premium balls are like the Tobiko Squid Balls, Black Truffle Balls, Lobster Balls, Seafood dumpling, and more.

slice pork neck meat
Slice Pork Neck Meat
Others premium delicacies will be the slice pork neck meat, Iberico slice meat to name but a few that we have tasted tonight.

Fu Chuk Skin
Fu Chuk Skin
Of course, there are other side dishes, vegetables and noodles which can be added by ordering it ala-carte style.

3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup
3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup

For those that loves a little spicy broth can try out the 3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup which has the Prawns, Flower Crabs and a special roasted Marble Goby. You can also order the ala carte steamboat ingredient to be added to this delightful soup. 

Chinese New Year Set Menu

At Secret Garden, they also offer Standard Chinese New Year Set menu for you to choose from.

or if you are a fan of Poon Choi can also try out their Poon Choi Package

Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Johnnie Walker Special Pairing Dishes

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