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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Foodlogy Restaurant Jalan Ipoh Sentul - A touch of French Food review

There are not many restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that serves top quality French food. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to an early dinner review of this love for French affair at Foodlogy Restaurant located B-01, Viva Residency, Jalan Suppiah Pillay Off Jalan Ipoh, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The decor is a casual and simple which resonates their theme of casual french dining.

At Foodlogy Restaurant, the chef/owner Ms Sandy believes in using top quality ingredients to prepare its' dishes that are served to its' customers.

We started the review with a Mushroom & Truffle Cream Soup - This soup is very flavourful, and you can taste the bits and pieces of mushroom with an enrich truffle flavours. It is indeed a tasty start for our review.

Next, we had the Potato Artichoke Salad  - it is a potato tossed with lettuce, baby green peas, artichoke, eggs, red onion, beef bacon, served with a topping of warm  hollandaise mustard and organic Dijon mustard sauce. 

The potatoes was cooked to a hard texture; which gives the customer a meaty feel while the warm sauce makes the salad unique and tasty with the combination of all the ingredient.

Since, the Chinese New Year was a week away, Foodlogy serves up a special Mandarin Orange Salad - a salad that is sprinkle with a generous amount of mini mandarin oranges that gives a sweet citrusy and tangy offering to the overall salad.

The drink that we tried to complement this healthy food was the Patrick Font Yellow Tomato juice.

After that we started with the appetizer which was the Sardine in Tin Serves with toasted baguette with salad and cheese cracker.

This is a real delicious appetizer for me, as I was surprised to taste this special sardine as it was very complemented with the toasted baguette.

To start off the Main dishes; the first of which is the Chicken A-la Cream - A pan fried chicken fillet with salad on the side, creamy mushroom and organic Dijon mustard sauce, parmesan cheese crackers and sauteed carrot.

I am not a real great fan of chicken breast meat as I find them very hard and lack flavour when cook as pan fried, but i was taken aback as the chef, have slice the breast meat before pan frying it and coating it with a creamy mushroom sauce that made this chicken breast meat tender and succulent.

Next, we had the Seafood Pasta in White Wine Reduction Sauce. This is a special spaghetti that is cooked in a white wine reduction sauce, filled with pan fried scallop, shrimp, fish and a special squid in ink. 

Normally most seafood spaghetti will use the fresh calamari, but at Foodlogy they put in a premium squid in ink, which has a very distinct flavours.

The next mains is the Steak A La Bleu - a rib eye steak served with French salad, house made blue cheese sauce, sauteed carrot and cheese crackers.

This is a dish for real cheese lovers, as the cheese sauce was so flavourful and empowering that each pieces of meat was literally coated with this cheesy sauce. If you are a real cheese fan, this dish is a must try for you.

For the last main dish we had; was the awesome Duck Breast Meat With Smoke Tea and Soya Sauce. This is a very unique creation from the chef.

The duck breast meat is cooked with a special smoked Lapsang Souchong tea that gives it a unique smoky aroma and flavours. The smoky taste penetrates deeply into the meat to gives you a very special smoky taste.

The last main that we had was the Poached Salmon With Herbs Court Bouillon - the salmon are cooked in the herbs court bouillon broth and served with salad on the side, dill sauce, sauteed carrot and parmesan cheese crackers.

As the salmon is cooked in the herbs court bouillon, the salmon is not bland and have a slight salty taste. Eaten with the dill sauce, it was a perfect pairing to this simple salmon dish.

After the main, we  move on to the a special local favourite which is the Foodlogy Nasi. 
The rice that is served here is the herb rice; made using spices such as cinnamon, star anise and turmeric. 

The rempah fried chicken which comes along with this set was very well marinated. We could taste the flavour right to the bone.The skin was crisp while the meat succulent and has a very flavourful aroma and taste. Moreover the home made sambal has the right balance of sambal and spiciness and was a perfect match to the herb rice and the fragrant rempah fried chicken.

After this hearty meal, it is time for some french desserts; which the first is the Choux A-la Creme 
This dessert is a French pastry ball served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

The balls were very crispy on the outside while having a soft texture much like a puff in inside. Eaten with the ice-cream and chocolate syrup it makes a sweet ending to our meal.

Another dessert that we had was the Crepes Suzettes - it is a crepes served with orange sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
At Foodlogy Restaurant, the place is quite spacious and is able to hold special function for up to 50 person. 

One of the thing at Foodlogy Restaurant is that you can even buy some of this specially imported ingredients to cook for yourself as well. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park Classic European Dining In The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur Review

Kuala Lumpur Food Bistro Richard Cafe Jalan Ipoh

Best Restaurant To Eat have discovered a quiet Classic European enclave restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur i.e. Bistro Richard strategically located at Lot 268, Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, at KL Performing Art Center (KLPAC) Sentul Park West area.

Although centrally located in Kuala Lumpur, after sometime in the restaurant you will be forget that you are in the city centre as this place is very quiet, with nice soothing music and the sound of the cascading water from the fountain of the koi pond besides the restaurant.

The main theme of the Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park is one of Classic European style with stain glass lamp shades and European furniture and décor.

The night started off with a soup which is CREAME OF WILD MUSHROOM SOUP (RM18.00) – it is a homemade soup with wild mushroom served with garlic baguette makes it a tasty, starter dish.

The texture of the soup was smooth, blended well with the earthy flavour of the wild mushroom and the natural milky taste of the cream.

It is then followed with the French style OVEN BAKED ESCARGOT WITH GARLIC BUTTER (RM28.00).

Each Escargot was buttered up with finely chopped garlic and herbs. The combination fragrant of the butter and garlic was very balanced with the chewy and musky taste of the escargot.

We then move to taste a Spanish delight which was the SEAFOOD PAELLA – (RM85.00) – it has the florally taste of the saffron and the spicy taste of the smoked paprika combined with the natural taste of the mussels, prawns, squids and clams.

This tasty paella has a bit of everything! Wonderfully comforting, flavoursome and colourful. The paella rice that was used is the fat and roundish type; the rice was rich, wet out and firm inside, caramelised slightly with the sauce.

Another French dish for the night is the COQ AU VIN (RM38.00)- it is a Braised chicken with red wine burgundy, bacon, mushroom and broccoli.

From the browning bits of the fragrant of the bacon to the golden crisp skin of the chicken and the fruity aroma of the burgundy red wine, leaves our taste-bud tantalized.

Next, we had the ROASTED SALMON (RM48.00). This dish is where the oven roasted salmon is topped with lemon butter sauce and served with steam vegetables & mashed potato.

The evenly and balanced roasting of the fresh salmon is evidently shown in each flakes of the salmon meat, while the lemon butter sauce add a zesty taste to balance off any fishy taste of the salmon meat.

The last main dish for the night was the BRAISED LAMB SHANK – (RM68.00). This Lamb Shanks is served with red wine sauce, tomatoes, fresh herbs and mushroom risotto.

The strong aromatic herbal taste of the gravy was subtle and infused into the tender firm meat of the Lamb Shanks. The meat does not have any gamey smells while the meat was of the right texture and flavourful perfectly matched with the mushroom risotto.

For desserts, we had the French CRÈME BRÛLÉE – (RM17.00) - It is a light and smooth vanilla custard where you are able to taste the strong vanilla taste, eggs and the milk flavours with just the right thickness of the caramelized burnt sugar on top of it.

For me, Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park would be an ideal place for you to have a quiet business chat over dinner or with your loved one to enjoy the relaxing ambience and food that are served.