Thursday, October 26, 2017

Australian Cuisine at The Library Ritz Carlton By Guest Chef Christopher Millar

The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur is pleased to present award-winning Australian Guest Chef Christopher Millar, who is set to enthral the palates of guests and gourmands with an exquisite six-course modern Australian cuisine dinner featuring his signature Wagyu beef at The Library. 

Chef Chris is currently Executive Chef of the acclaimed Stellar at 1-Altitude in Singapore. Stellar at 1-Altitude is renowned for serving the sumptuous Wagyu beef which is flown in exclusively from Chef Chris’s very own Tajima cattle herd in Australia. 

A creative force in the culinary scene with a wealth of experience spanning 20 years, he has enjoyed a successful career in distinguished and award-winning restaurants in London and Australia, most notably the iconic Windsor Hotel in Melbourne and the prestigious Pavilion on the Park in Sydney, achieving the coveted Chef Hat award for both establishments. 

His creative inventions and adept culinary skills have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including the recently accorded Two Stars by Wine & Dine Singapore Top Restaurants Award, a finalist for Chef of the Year and Restaurant of the Year in the 2017 World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence and Best Innovative Fusion Chef by National Critics Choice.

The five-day promotion will feature Chef Chris’s exquisite curation of Wagyu beef, adding a distinctive touch to the menu which starts off with Chef’s signature Sturia Caviar on Crème Fraiche Cracker. 

Next on is the Wagyu Tri-Tip Tataki with Truffle Mascarpone and Olive Soil.

Rock Rose Gin Marinated Salmon with Oyster, Avocado and Ikura. The Salmon and Oysters which hails from famous Loch Fyne, Scotland which has exceptionally pure water are farmed using sustainable farming techniques.

Wagyu Petit Tender Over The Coals with Sea Urchin, Wasabi and Paris Mash, Pickled. The treatment of the Petit Tender was juicy and succulent. Each and every little bite exudes the natural distinctive wagyu beef flavour. A truly deserving treatment to this wagyu beef.

The last course before dessert is the Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Roasted Cauliflower Cream and Porcini. According to the Chef; the beef cheek was braised for 8 hours; the results - a fork-tender soft texture that has the full flavour that is deeply ingrained to strand of meat. Paired with the Roasted Cauliflower Cream it was superbly done.

For dessert, you will be served the Sable of Mango and Lime Curd, a nice end to our savoury dining which has a sourish and refreshing taste. 

Available from October 31 to November 4 from 7pm until 11pm, the six-course dinner is priced at RM350 per person with an option of wine pairing at RM500 per person. 

For reservations and enquiries, please call +60 3 2142 8000 or email

The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur
The Library
168 Jalan Imbi Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 2142 8000

Monday, October 23, 2017

Snoring Solution @ Premier Clinic Bangsar | Fotona Laser Treatment

Snoring isn’t just a noisy and annoying affair. It’s a form of sleep-disordered breathing. Snoring disrupts healthy, sound, restorative sleep and is linked to increased risks for other health problems. People who snore are at greater risk for obstructive sleep apnea, a more serious form of sleep-disordered breathing.

According to scientific research, people who snore also face an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety. Certain people are more at risk of snoring than others. Snoring becomes more common with age too when our muscles lose its tenacity (becomes flabby).

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The last two years, I developed a snoring problem, initially, the snores were tolerable at the early stage but it has gotten worse during the past few months as the snoring sound becomes unbearable at times.

One of the things that drive me to solve this medical condition; is that it makes me feel tired and irritable due to the interference of deep sleep. My snoring has become so acute that it is causing me to wake more often throughout the night as I was literally gasping for air due to times when the blockades got worst which are a condition known as sleep apnea.


During this period, I have tried many methods which include nasal spray, throat spray, neck brace and even exercises to strengthen the throat and tongue muscles, but to no avail.

In my quest to find a solution for my snoring problem; I came across about Fotona Laser Treatment which is available at Premier Clinic. I made an appointment with Dr Vanessa for a consultation session; in which she will assess the severity of my conditions.

According to her; snoring is a rattling, growling or choking noise produced during sleep and caused by obstruction of the windpipe and the vibration the blockage emits. The blockage of the respiratory airways can be due to one problem such as a narrow throat, relaxed tissues of the mouth and throat or vibrations of the soft palate or all of these put together.

The changes in the shape of the tissues of the mouth and throat are the main reason people suddenly begin to snore. If you have naturally narrower airways; the tissue in your throat could touch, block the airflow and cause the tissues to vibrate which will result in a snore. This could also happen if you have weak throat tissue that is loose. It means that the walls will collapse during sleep while our tongue slips back and partially clog the airway, thereby creating a vibration that makes the snoring sound.

After doing a fact-finding discussion on my condition; she did a physical check on my throat and confirm that I was very close to class 4 under the Mallampati Score and propose a 3 session for my treatment.

The Fotona Laser Treatment requires no anaesthesia and is an outpatient procedure that takes about 10 to 15 minutes per session. The course of treatment requires 3-4 sessions, spread out over a two months period.

The laser is designed to stimulate collagen formation in the mucosal area, which results in the tightening of the mucosal tissue in the oropharynx - the centre part of the throat - and opens the airways.

A total of 15,000 laser shot was fired into areas of the throat. What I felt was a little heat sensation when the laser was fired to a particular area. After the treatment, I felt like the throat has a little sore dry throaty feel. This is a common effect and will gradually come back to normal in a day or 2. It is this action which will start to trigger our cells to start the repair work on these tissues.

As the throat can be a little drier, the doctor pieces of advice are that I should consume more water, during these periods 2 to 3 days.

Stay tuned for the final result after my last treatment - probably in a 1.5 months time.

Premier Clinic Location Address Map

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Families are in for a treat with the BBQ dinner buffet offering fantastic cuisine at Royale Songket Restaurant the perfect alternative to Friday and Saturday dinner. Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam (GBWHSA) is now introducing a BBQ Buffet Dinner that offers you with chicken, lamb, beef and seafood with a variety of buffet lines including many hot dishes.

Expect to be served with rich and flavorful dishes of exciting taste from Royale Songket Restaurant, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam, starting from RM78.00+ for adult, RM55.00+ for senior citizen and RM39.00+ for children. Available on Friday and Saturday, one can simply indulge with all the delicacies starting from 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm. You can also enjoy a wide selection of BBQ Buffet Dinner with rich and flavorful dishes especially for you.

Side dishes are just as tantalizing with the appetizer like salad, tossed mozzarella cheese, tomato & basil salad rice salad, dressing & condiments, and so much more.

For the seafood on the ice, you will be served the half shell NZ green mussels, crab, oysters, prawn and black mussels.

Diners are encouraged to have lots of napkins ready as they enjoy with their hands from the grill section which will include meat and seafood offer which is also accompanied with some Malaysian chicken satay, chicken yakitori skewer, sirloin steak, jumbo chicken sausage, grilled seasonal squid, marinated fish fillet wrapped in banana leaf and much more. You will also serve you with mini pizza, corn on cobs,

BBQ fans can spice up their grill dishes with the chef's 5 special sauce.

If you still have enough stomach to fill, you can also try out some of the buffet lines speciality dishes like Assam Pedas

Tandoori Chicken and much more.

Decadent desserts coconut pudding, chocolate pannacotta, baked pineapple & caramel tart, mix berry financiers and so much more offer a sweet conclusion to a satisfying and memorable meal.

or the ice-cream and ice-cream potong selection

Get ready for a feast of delicious barbeque buffet with hearty servings of chicken, lamb, beef and seafood every Friday and Saturday.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Carlsberg Smooth Draught in Pint Bottle - Smoothest Carlsberg Draught Beer

Last year saw the launch of the Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World by Carlsberg Malaysia to answer to beer's lovers quest for the freshly tapped beer anytime, anywhere. Today, Carlsberg Malaysia has just introduced a convenient single-serve (325ml) pint bottle which is made available at eateries neighbourhood bars and golf clubs nationwide.

According to Carlsberg Malaysia's Managing Director "Gone are the days where consumers can only enjoy draught beer in a bar or pub equipped with sophisticated draught beer machine and tapping device. With this innovation - Carlsberg Smooth Draught, we have raised the bar to a whole level by launching a sleek 325ml single-serve pint beer bottle for consumers to enjoy Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World anytime, anywhere.

"Since it's launch in Malaysia last year, the beautiful golden-hued brew has successfully captured the hearts of many beer consumers, who prefer smoother beer and met the expectations of many discerning draught beer drinkers. Its' recipe for success lies not only in its quality natural ingredients but also its two unique brewing techniques. It goes thru a longer maturation cycle to achieve its signature smooth and enhances the brew's distinctive aromatic flavours" Lehman elaborated on the taste of the brew.

"At Carlsberg, we have brought the true enjoyment of draught beer to a new level. No beer machine needed, no tapping device is required. Simply enjoy, Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World anytime, anywhere - be it on a plane or out in a desert or at the peak of a mountain" added Lehman.

In the month of October 2017, Carlsberg team is scheduled to visit 800 selected outlets nationwide. Consumers who purchased 1 bucket of Carlsberg Smooth Draught in 325ml bottles will get a FREE retractable USB cable. However, in the month of November, consumers who purchased 4 big bottles of 580ml or 2 buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught 325ml pint bottles will get a FREE multi-purpose lighter.

What's more: Golfers can get 1-sleeve of TaylorMade golf balls with the purchase of 2 buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught in 325ml pint bottles across all participating golf course.

For more information please check out Carlsberg Facebook page or Carlsberg Website

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Oktoberfest 2017 at Brotzeit Sunway Pyramid

If you love beer and having a good time, one of the best things about the month of October is Oktoberfest, right? This year Brotzeit Sunway and Mid Valley will be having its very own version, and you really don’t want to miss out.

Oktoberfest is here again and you know what that means – it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. The siren call of Bavarian weisswurst and beer awaits, but before you hurry off to the usual spots in your best blue and white outfit, a major Oktoberfest blowout is bubbling up at Brotzeit Sunway and Mid Valley.

As usual, the night started with the beer tapping ceremony.

German Inspired food and beverage and a new spot to call home into an Oktoberfest carnival-like, complete with German food, crafted beer

and a live music band to entertain you all night long.

“It’s really a festival where you can try a couple kinds of beers Brotzeit Samplers and then decided what you want to drink.”

And the best of all is the special Oktoberfest Platter which has pork knuckles,

German sausage,

rack of BBQ pork ribs and the ever popular sauerkraut as the sides to complete the meal with the icy cold German beer.

and the special dessert offering to end a wonderful evening of festive Oktoberfest at Brotzeit.

Location of Brotzeit Sunway Pyramid

Friday, October 13, 2017

Whittaker's Chocolate - New Zealand Most Trusted Chocolate Brand | Beans to Bar

With more than 121 years of Chocolate making heritage; New Zealand’s most trusted chocolate brands now aims for a stronger foothold not only in the Malaysian market but also in China, North Asia and South East Asia.

Whittaker’s Chocolate New Zealand has been producing quality chocolates in their factory in Porirua, Wellington for more than a century but it wasn’t until the 1990s that it began to venture further across the region.

Malaysia is currently Whittaker’s fourth largest market, and in the coming years, its Head of International Markets Matt Whittaker, the great-grandson of founder James Henry Whittaker, wants to see the brand increase its market share in Malaysia by at least five-fold.

“We are proud to be an exporter of premium New Zealand produce and to be expanding our community of Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers around the world, ” Whittaker told during the Whittaker's Indulgence Tour at Jaya Grocers Starling Mall.

According to Matt, Whittaker's Chocolates are made from bean to bar; this ensures the quality and taste of each of our products, we know we have total control of each and every step of our chocolate making process, from sourcing the bean to making the bar. 

Whittaker's core range is the Halal Certified and features a variety of flavours available in 200g Blocks, 50g Slab, 50g Chunks and Mini Slabs. 

Whittaker’s positions itself as a premium chocolate brand in the Malaysian market as the chocolates are made in New Zealand and as a result, are slightly more expensive than some bigger chocolate brands which are produced either here or in the region.

Whittaker's also has a premium chocolate range, the Artisan Collection. This range is in 100g sizes and features unique flavours combinations which have been created using the finest ingredients from New Zealand.

Having been voted New Zealand’s most trusted brand for the past six years by the New Zealand Reader’s Digest, Whittaker’s is now also working on to become a brand synonymous with New Zealand for the international community.

The company is also known for its high-level engagement with Whittakers Chocolate Lovers on social media; which enables Whittaker's to share its passion for chocolate and stay connected with what consumers think. Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers Facebook Page currently has about 100,000 followers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Whittaker's will be partnering with Ben's Independent Grocer located at Ikano Power Centre to give away complimentary mini Whittaker's chocolate slab with every chocolate purchased. Promotions run from 12th to 15th October 2017 and are on a first come first serve basis.