Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Old Klang Road Food: Afterwerk Bar Scott Garden Kuala Lumpur

Old Klang Road is the latest in property booms in Kuala Lumpur and one of the most happening places is The Scott Garden @Old Klang Road where its nightlife is vibrant and lively scene, hosting a number of bars and pubs in the vicinity.

We visited the revamped Afterwerk Pub Scotts Garden (nominated by Yelp as one of the Top Pubs in Kuala Lumpur) which has recently revamped its menu offering with a number of new dishes that caters not only to drinking fans but also for the family as well.

Afterwerk Pub Address 
G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden, 289 Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With live music featuring live bands that serenade the oldies and current popular tunes, it will make dining at Afterwerk a lively affair especially after a hard day at the office. The restaurant also hosts various performances, from local and international music acts.

Afterwerk Scott Garden menu
Afterwerk Scott Garden menu

After a brief look at the Afterwerk Scott Garden menu, we find Afterwerk key forte is its meat dishes that pair well with alcohol.

We start to taste out some of the dishes for dinner which the first; is the popular Piggy Ribs Half Slab (RM 45.00). We notice that an order of this dish is a must have as we watched almost every table had this dish. Best with a cold beer.

The next dish is the Pan Seared Salmon (RM 38.00) - Salmon is one of the most healthy foods around and it is simple to just pan seared to retains its taste. This dish is served with a spicy capers sauce with a selection of vegetables and mash potatoes.

The next mains that we tasted is the Chicken Chop (RM 22.00); which you can choose either with the Black Pepper sauce or the mushroom sauce. We ordered the Black Pepper sauce that goes well with any grilled meat.

Porkyholics residing in Old Klang Road are in for a treat with many porcine dishes at Afterwerk to choose from; where our next dish is the AfterWerk Pork Chop (RM 32.00). Grilled to a nice char, it is served with mashed potatoes and a selection of poached vegetables.

We end our evening with an order of fruit platter as a palate cleanser before our drinking session of beers and alcoholic drink while enjoying the crooning performance of the live band.

AFTERWERK is fast becoming one of the most sought after LIVE music haunt in Old Klang Road. Featuring 2 bands daily (happy hour features the 1st band while extended hours will feature a 2nd full band) do expect the top bands in the circuit playing for you. Each day will also be thematic i.e.bring you a different party atmosphere.

Afterwerk Pub Location Address Map

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Diamond Coral WaterBar - Instant Warm Water On The Tap

Since the 1950s, there is no significant development in traditional electric or hot & cold water dispensers. The current electric pot and dispensers does not address the many health concerns from re-boiled water and also the convenience of getting easy access to warm water.

DIAMOND, founded in 1995, is one of the renowned brands under NEP Holdings one of the International Water Filtration System Leading Brands is introducing the DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar dispensers which utilizes a new 3-second instant heat technology that provides instant warm water at 50°C in 3-second.

This provides the convenience to produces fresh hot water that does not require your family members to re-boiled water and also to supply unlimited warm water to your family with just a press of a button.

Many health specialists discovered that the traditional water dispensers are producing certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite after 24 hours of repetitive re-heating . As we are not used to cleaning up the dispenser inside, those harmful chemicals will start to accumulate. Consumption of these re-boiled water over a long period of time could put your family’s health at risk. You can read more about these references below this post.

It is a known fact that, many people are not aware that making a glass of warm water is not easy because it involves quite a tedious and complicated procedure of mixing the cold and hot water. For the elderly, they have to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night, pick up a heavy water dispenser and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. For Mothers with young babies/infant, they will need to prepare a warm formula milk for their child.

As for the young children, they normally will choose to drink cold drinks over water as they are unable to mix the warm water by themselves. And for some people who have a cold and weak body constitution, will need to consume warm water for betterment of their health. In a nutshell, to enjoy a glass of 50℃ warm water is not an easy task as one thinks!

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar which utilizes a revolutionary 3-second instant heat technology to replace the traditional heat components in the dispenser. It increases the boiling rate by up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds.

By pressing a button, you can enjoy now enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but prevents re-boiling which releases harmful chemicals. What's more for me, I like to drink warm lemon water, here we can add the cut lemon into the water storage area for my whole day consumption of warm lemon water.

The DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is aesthetically slim which is suitable for all living areas including the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even the bedroom. You can enjoy healthy fresh warm water anywhere, anytime now.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has a smart dispenser design. Its dispenser area is 8-inches height, 7-inch width to cater for different sizes of containers. It is convenient to get hot water for various usages including making tea, soup, noodles and washing fruits.

Unlike the traditional dispenser, DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar can prevent 24 hours repeated boiling and produces hot water instantly. Apart from safe-guarding the health of your family, it also saves up to 50% of electricity. It is environmentally-friendly and money saving.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is designed by famous European designers. It is not just a machine, but is a stylish, beautiful and elegance living art for your room.

Free trial
If you like to experience the benefits of the innovative 3-second instant heat technology, we offer you a free trial service for DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar. Their specialist will deliver the WaterBar to the preferred location for your free experience up to 7 days.

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

For more information you can check out their Facebook page 
or Website

Various researches and reports point to the production of harmful elements in re-boiled water generated from the traditional water dispenser which puts our health at risk. You can check it out these reports from authority site at the link provided below.

1. Manganese remains in the water dispenser and may harm the brain.
(电热水煲愈滚愈「锰」 长期饮用恐坏脑, Oriental Daily, 10th May,2016)

2. Re-boiled water may cause cancer over long-term consumption.
(翻煲「千滚水」长饮恐致癌, Oriental Daily, 28th October,2011)

3. Expert says: NEVER reboil the water in your kettle
(The sun, 11th November, 2015)

4. Is it Safe to Reboil Water?
(By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Thoughtcom)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bangsar Cafe | Table9 Cafe & Kitchen @ Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

There are many cafes situated in Kuala Lumpur City Centre and Bangsar that offer tantalising all-day brunch fare, quality coffee and tea, as well as sinfully sweet desserts in charming and unique settings. 

Today we get to taste out the new friendly Bangsar neighbourhood cafe that serves Italian food with Korean cafe inspiration. The owners of Table9 Cafe & Kitchen are from Korea and the master behind these secret recipes! For the cafe hoppers, you may want to try out Table9 Cafe

Table9 Cafe & Kitchen Address
21, Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar
Table9 Cafe & Kitchen Facebook: http://facebook.com/table9c

Our review started off with a simple order of the Japanese Cucumber (15.00) that is served with a spicy sesame dressing. This dish is served chilled and the thinly sliced cucumber was crisp to bite into with a mix of a slightly spicy taste. A refreshing start or as a palate cleanser dish.

At Table9 their main mission is to serve delicious dishes while using healthy ingredients and seasoning to make one of the most joyous healthy salad offerings as in the Sauteed Mix Mushrooms Salad (RM18.00) that is served with Grana Padano cheese and are lightly dressed with a Balsamic dressing that gives a slight sourish taste to this salad.

The Table9 All Day Breakfast (RM25.00) serves with chicken sausage, beef bacon, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, hashed potatoes, for the eggs, you can choose either scrambled or sunny side up egg and toast with butter and Jam (ours as above picture came with a french toast (top up RM1.00 and for a top up of RM2 you will be able to order it with pancake) 

The next dish is the BLT Sandwich (RM24.00). which is serves with a thin slice of turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato on a toast. 

For the meat, we had the Chicken Jager Schnitzel (RM29.00). It is a traditional German dish made out of cutlet of chicken meat and is served with a mushroom gravy. To add a special taste, the chef has also included a slice of lime to add a distinct flavour to this dish.

Pasta is a versatile dish that is easy to cook but in the wrong hand it might be a total mess but at Table9 the Jalapenos Pasta (RM24.00) was done to the right perfection as the pasta was just the right texture that we like.

Our second pasta is the Table9 Picante Seafood Pasta (RM28.00). This pasta was cooked with an array of seafood which includes the mussels, white squids and prawn. It has a slightly sourish and a spicy taste which went well with the seafood combination.

The last mains that we had is the Table9 Picante Cream Risotto (RM28.00). I am not a real fan of Risotto, if you are a fan of Risotto and loves seafood with a spicy undertone, this might be a good option for you.

For desserts, the Bingsu is a must try. I love the super fine and flaky milk flavoured shave ice. It literary melts in the mouth. We were told that the machine that shaved out this super fine shaving; is very expensive and fully imported. The first Bingsu is the Espresso Bingsu (RM15.00). The espresso was served in a separate container and is poured over the shaved ice. 

Next, we had the Tomato Bingsu which was highly recommended by the owner. I kind of like this as it is served with a special tomato puree. There are in total 8 different flavours that you can choose from.

Our last one was the Oreo Bingsu which is served with the crush Oreo topping with drizzles of condensed milk. 

If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon with an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee (Korean beans) and some Instagrammable dishes, Table9 might be a good option to start with.

Table9 Cafe & Kitchen Location Address Map

Friday, June 16, 2017

All Expense Paid Brewery Tour To Carlsberg Copenhagen And Shah Alam Malaysia

Malaysian Beers lovers, now you can get to go for an all expense paid and all-inclusive brewery tour to Carlsberg Copenhagen and/or Carlsberg Brewery at Shah Alam courtesy of Carlsberg Malaysia in conjunction with the 170th Anniversary. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how you can join in this fun and exciting programme.

Carlsberg, Probably the Best Beer in the World, is turning 170 years young this November! Living to its brand promise of delivering Probably the Best experience, Carlsberg figured what better way to celebrate this anniversary than to host Probably the Best Brewery Tour campaign with 20 beer lovers to its homeland in Copenhagen and another 1,800 beer fans to a VIP brewery tour ex-beer-ience in Shah Alam.

“Carlsberg - Probably the Best Brewery Tour is an integrated marketing campaign launched in conjunction with Carlsberg’s 170th years of beer discoveries as Probably the Best Beer in the World. As a brand, we want to celebrate this momentous milestone with our loyal consumers. Fans who join this tour will get to see, hear, touch, smell and taste the natural quality ingredients of our brews – whether while enjoying the Probably the Best Brewery Tour in Copenhagen or while partying VIP-style in Shah Alam,” Charles Wong, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia shared.

Exclusive trip to Carlsberg’s homeland in Copenhagen

Ten (10) grand prize contest winners will score a 6D5N all-expense paid an exclusive trip to explore Carlsberg’s homeland in Copenhagen, Denmark! These winners who get to bring along a friend will go on an exclusive tour to normally restricted areas of Carlsberg grounds such as the Cellars, the Carlsberg Lab and the Carlsberg Academy. This is a money-can’t-buy opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Carlsberg while taking a stroll along the iconic Carlsberg Brewhouse, walk in the footsteps of the founder, J.C. Jacobsen, by visiting his family villa, dine at the Carlsberg Museum and join the Street Party, which will be held in Carlsberg Byen.

What’s more, they will also visit the famous Little Mermaid sculpture by the waterside at Langelinie promenade; the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum; and the Carlsberg Foundation. Just so you know, all these landmarks have a strong connection with the Carlsberg founder, his family, and his profound interest in arts and science.

VIP brewery tour ex-beer-ience in Shah Alam

Fret not for those who are not keen to travel abroad. Carlsberg is bringing the party closer to you and your friends. 300 first prize contest winners will get to bring five (5) friends to enjoy the VIP hospitality at Probably the Best Brewery Tour in Shah Alam. This is not an ordinary brewery visit as these lucky winners and their friends will have a personal chauffeur to fetch them from their doorstep, to and fro Probably the Best Brewery, which is the first Carlsberg brewing hub in Asia outside Denmark. Yes, we are talking about riding in in a luxury MPV, welcomed by brand ambassadors at Probably the Best Lounge, guided tour of Probably the Best Brewhouse where consumers will indulge in beer sensory, pour their own perfect pint, presented with a personalised gift, and a night long of probably the best ex-beer-ience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without fun time with friends for a few rounds of games and entertainment. The newly upgraded Probably the Best Lounge is now equipped with iDarts, iPong (electronic beer table tennis) and Karaoke machine. There will be beer-related quizzes that come with fabulous prizes too. An extra touch of comfort for winners from outside Klang Valley areas – accommodation will be provided for them and their friends at a 4-star hotel just a stone's throw away from Probably the Best Brewery.

How to participate?

Consumers are required to present a bottle cap with “Carlsberg Malaysia 2017” icon printed underneath it, either from Carlsberg 640ml bottle or Carlsberg Smooth Draught 580ml bottle, from any participating coffee shops, food courts, hawker centres and Chinese restaurant will win the first prize of Probably the Best Brewery Tour for six (6) in Shah Alam. Bottle caps with “Copenhagen 2017” icon is the grand prize of Probably the Best Brewery Tour for two (2) to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Consumers who spend a minimum of RM30 on Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught in a single receipt at selected bars, pubs, hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience chain outlets stand a chance to win by answering a simple question via WhatsApp or WeChat.

This promotion will run from now up to 31 July 2017. During this promotion period, consumers who collected thirty-six (36) crown corks with “Hop Leaf 2017” icon can redeem a limited-edition Carlsberg bath towel while twelve (12) crown corks with the same icon can redeem a 320ml can of Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

For more information about Carlsberg, please visit www.probablythebest.com.my.

Here is a snap shot of Carlsberg Brewery Tour Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tokyo Secret Cheese Tarts RM1 - 1st Anniversary Celebration

Tokyo Secret One Utama

Tokyo Secret has recently celebrated its First Anniversary in May 2017. In conjunction with this First Anniversary celebration, Tokyo Secret has started a promotion for the whole month of June. The first celebration was held at 1-Utama on 28 May. 

The first promotion is the Buy One Free One Original Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart (running full day) and a special promo of RM1 Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart.

The tart has a thick crust with crumbly but slightly crispy edges. It is filled with delicate, gooey half baked cheesy rich flavour.

The tart filling is made with a blend of three different types of cream cheese. The molten mousse cheese filling is creamy, slightly salty and flowy when its consume hot.

The aroma of the freshly baked tart from the oven, captivate your taste buds. Best served hot plus the cream cheese that oozes out to your mouth with every bite.

The tarts are freshly baked ala-minute tray by tray each time. This is to ensure the freshness of the tarts.

The next big event will be held at 1 Utama on 17 June with a celebrity emcee hosJng the event starting from 1pm onwards. During this Jme, the special promo will be RM1 All Flavour Drinks (from 1p - 4pm) and Buy One Free One All Flavour Drinks (All Day). 

For more promotions, you can check out Tokyo Secret Cheese Tart Facebook Page

Friday, June 9, 2017

Nam Heong Ipoh Vintage @ Pavilion Elite Bukit Bintang Nostalgic Taste Of Ipoh

Kuala Lumpur Food Guide Nam Heong Ipoh Vintage Pavilion

For those fans that yearn for delicious and tasty Ipoh hawker street food, Nam Heong Ipoh has opened its latest outlet at Pavilion Elite Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.

Nam Heong Ipoh Vintage Address
Lot 8.106.00 Pavilion Elite
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Photo courtesy of Nam Heong Ipoh Facebook page

Now, you do not need to travel all the way to Ipoh town to hunt down some of Ipoh top popular street food, now you can satisfy your cravings of these Ipoh hawker/street fares right in Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Nam Heong Vintage is the 4th Nam Heong outlet after Ipoh Soho (Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah), Da Men Mall (Subang USJ) and Starling Mall (Damansara Uptown).

You can start off your meal with the crunchy Eggs On Toast. Paired perfectly with a cup of hot Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee.

For the mains, you can taste out the Silky Chicken Hor Fun

followed by the Twin Roasted Meat Rice

or the ala minute Char Kway Teow

and for dessert, make sure you don't miss out the freshly made (at each outlet), the velvety Egg Tarts

or the tantalising Chicken Sou.

and most important to finish off your meal with a cup of Nam Heong Ipoh Signature White Coffee.

With more than 60 years of rich culinary history, Nam Heong Ipoh stands renowned for preserving the timeless flavours of Ipoh's culinary heritage while delivering top-notch services to its customers. Through the years, Nam Heong Ipoh has continually captivated the hearts of many near and far and is set to become one of the iconic F&B brands in Malaysia.

Speaking at the Opening ceremony Nam Heong Ipoh CEO Mr Andy Goh said that the brand prides itself on the quality of its culinary offerings, and to ensure that customer service is the essence of its management excellence.

Nam Heong Ipoh Vintage @ Pavilion Elite Bukit Bintang Location Address Map