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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Diamond Coral WaterBar - Instant Warm Water On The Tap

Since the 1950s, there is no significant development in traditional electric or hot & cold water dispensers. The current electric pot and dispensers does not address the many health concerns from re-boiled water and also the convenience of getting easy access to warm water.

DIAMOND, founded in 1995, is one of the renowned brands under NEP Holdings one of the International Water Filtration System Leading Brands is introducing the DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar dispensers which utilizes a new 3-second instant heat technology that provides instant warm water at 50°C in 3-second.

This provides the convenience to produces fresh hot water that does not require your family members to re-boiled water and also to supply unlimited warm water to your family with just a press of a button.

Many health specialists discovered that the traditional water dispensers are producing certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite after 24 hours of repetitive re-heating . As we are not used to cleaning up the dispenser inside, those harmful chemicals will start to accumulate. Consumption of these re-boiled water over a long period of time could put your family’s health at risk. You can read more about these references below this post.

It is a known fact that, many people are not aware that making a glass of warm water is not easy because it involves quite a tedious and complicated procedure of mixing the cold and hot water. For the elderly, they have to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night, pick up a heavy water dispenser and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. For Mothers with young babies/infant, they will need to prepare a warm formula milk for their child.

As for the young children, they normally will choose to drink cold drinks over water as they are unable to mix the warm water by themselves. And for some people who have a cold and weak body constitution, will need to consume warm water for betterment of their health. In a nutshell, to enjoy a glass of 50℃ warm water is not an easy task as one thinks!

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar which utilizes a revolutionary 3-second instant heat technology to replace the traditional heat components in the dispenser. It increases the boiling rate by up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds.

By pressing a button, you can enjoy now enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but prevents re-boiling which releases harmful chemicals. What's more for me, I like to drink warm lemon water, here we can add the cut lemon into the water storage area for my whole day consumption of warm lemon water.

The DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is aesthetically slim which is suitable for all living areas including the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even the bedroom. You can enjoy healthy fresh warm water anywhere, anytime now.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has a smart dispenser design. Its dispenser area is 8-inches height, 7-inch width to cater for different sizes of containers. It is convenient to get hot water for various usages including making tea, soup, noodles and washing fruits.

Unlike the traditional dispenser, DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar can prevent 24 hours repeated boiling and produces hot water instantly. Apart from safe-guarding the health of your family, it also saves up to 50% of electricity. It is environmentally-friendly and money saving.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is designed by famous European designers. It is not just a machine, but is a stylish, beautiful and elegance living art for your room.

Free trial
If you like to experience the benefits of the innovative 3-second instant heat technology, we offer you a free trial service for DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar. Their specialist will deliver the WaterBar to the preferred location for your free experience up to 7 days.

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

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Various researches and reports point to the production of harmful elements in re-boiled water generated from the traditional water dispenser which puts our health at risk. You can check it out these reports from authority site at the link provided below.

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2. Re-boiled water may cause cancer over long-term consumption.
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