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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Tai Thong Restaurant Moon Cakes Festival 2017

For 2017 Moon Cakes Festival Imperial China Restaurant Subang Jaya Tai Thong Group has just launched its moon cakes series.

Every now and then, Chef at the restaurant will turn out new recipes for the moon cakes which include adding new flavours and ingredients to provide the customer with the flavours that they like.

Of late the Durian (King of Fruits) had taken a prominent role in many moon cakes offering by Chef. At Tai Thong, the Chef has crafted out 3 special Durian moon cakes namely Durian Emperor, Snow Skin Durian Coulis and the Snow Skin Musang King

One of the current trends is to make a smaller size moon cakes which make it easier for consumption in that, you can eat it at one go rather than storing a cut portion to be eaten later.

Other flavours of traditional skin mooncakes offered are Lotus Single Yolk

 Jade Custard

Mocha Milk Tea (New)

Salted White Lotus With Belacan Dried Shrimp And Chicken Floss

While for the snow skin series; there is the Snow Skin Pandan Single Yolk (New)

Snow Skin Japanese Potato With Custard (New)

Snow Skin Yam Single Yolk

Snow Skin Durian Coulis

and the Snow Skin Musang King (Limited Edition)

Click Here for the full price list and catalogue

For more information on Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Set, Moon Cakes promotion and outlet, please visit Tai Thong Restaurant Facebook page. #taithonggroup #taithongmooncake2017

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