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Old Klang Road Food: 香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant @ Plaza OUG - Beggar Chicken Recipe

There are not many Chinese restaurants in Old Klang Road that serves village type Chinese food, but there is one that was recently opened at Plaza OUG which not only serves popular village dishes but also the famous Beggar Chicken. It is called the New Village Chinese Restaurant.

香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant Address
Lot G11 &12 Plaza OUG, Jalan Mega Kecil
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
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The restaurant setup is a simple heritage village style design which also showcases a sample of the original stove that is used to cook this speciality Beggar Chicken. Using the most conventional method of cooking;  a beggar chicken which is buried in the gravel; can take up to six hours or more to cook. But, here at New Village Restaurant, we can get to taste this speciality dish; a one-day advance booking is required as the number of birds that are sold for the day is very limited. For more information and booking please click to New Village Chinese Restaurant Facebook

To cook this dish, Chef Kam uses more than 10 types of herbs and ingredient to produce this aromatic and delicious Beggar Chicken. The Chef uses the Kampung Chicken and together with all the special marinade are wrapped together in a Glass Paper as the first layer. This is then wrapped in an aluminium foil and the final layer is then wrapped in a special clay.

Upon reaching our table, you will have the honour to knock off the clay layer with a hammer and exposed out the aluminium foil and this is then followed by the unwrapping of the special glass paper which will unfold a very strong herbal aromatic flavour.

There are not many restaurants in KL that serve this dish as it is very time consuming and complex: most of the restaurants that serve Beggar Chicken are located in Klang. We really enjoy this delicious smoky taste gravy which extracts out all the natural essences of the ingredients into the chicken meat. Needless to say, we finish this dish until the last drop of gravy.

The Chef promises more village characteristics; for the other dishes that will be served to us. The next such dish is the Cantonese Fried Egg Noodle with King Prawn. This is one of my favourite dishes, but at New Village Chinese Restaurant, the Chef made 2 small twists to cook this dish; firstly, he will do a slight poaching of the prawn to rid it of a strong raw prawn taste (for those that loves the strong natural prawn flavour might not agree to this). Secondly is the use of the egg noodles, the Chef hot water bath it to rid the starch taste and odour. After which it is pan-fried to gives it a springy crisp texture with a light burnt taste (like Yee Mee). We really enjoyed this version of the gravy rich Sang Har dish.

The next dish is the Signature Four Heavenly King which is Ladies Finger, Petai, Brinjal and Long Beans. This dish is cooked with a top quality Melaka belacan with onion and fresh cut chillies which protrude a special aroma and addictive taste that you want to continue to eat it.

After that, we had another chicken dish, this time it is the New Village Chicken. It is served with the truly traditional Cantonese poach style. This is one of my favourite cooking styles for chicken as the chicken meat has a nice firm texture evidently from the use of free range Village Chicken. Served with a special ginger concocted sauce and bedded with superior soya sauce, this simple cooking style brings out the best natural taste of the Kampung Chicken.

To add a spicy dish, the Chef presented the Claypot Curry Tiger Grouper Fish Head. The fish head is cut to bite size to make it easier to devour this dish. With a strong blend of curry paste, reduce Santan and less oil, it is a healthy alternative. Cooked with brinjal, ladies fingers and Tau Foo Pok which did a good job to absorb the curry gravy into it; you may need to order additional white rice to goes with this curry dish.

Our third chicken dish is the Rice Wine Chicken 黄酒鸡. This dish really stands out in terms of a strong aromatic rice wine that is used to cook the chicken dish. Cooked together with the use of julienne young ginger and black fungus and topped with scallion. Served in a clay-pot, it retains the heat and ensures that you get to slurp the hot soup that warms the tummy.

This is followed by the Homemade Fried Bean Curd with Minced Pork and Preserve Vegetables. We like the soft texture of the bean curd which has a golden yellow crusted skin which is perfectly paired with the combination of minced pork while the preserve vegetables which has a slightly salty taste; blended in perfectly.

The last vegetable dish that we had is the Claypot Kangkong. This is a similar dish which I had previously at another restaurant which serves this variant. Instead of cooking with Sambal belacan, the Chef uses the Hong Kong Shrimp paste (Ham Har) which has a very unique flavour (you either loves it or hate it). The use of this shrimp paste reminds me of a dish which my grandmother used to cook for me when I was young.

The last meat dish that we had is the Signature Braised Pork Knuckle. To most of you, you will know by now, one of yours truly favourite dish is the Pork Knuckle. Here at New Village Chinese Restaurant, it is a braised version which was empowered by the use of dark black sauce, onions and dried chillies. The knuckle meat has a firm texture which I like as you can pull the meat a little, but for some that love fork tender meat may not like this style.

The last dish for the review is a rice or rather a porridge dish (Teochew style); i.e. Claypot Tiger Grouper And Seafood With Rice. The main highlight of the dish is the superior pork and chicken bones broth that is used to cook it. Loaded with a variety of seafood offering which includes scallop, white squids, prawns and with slices of Tiger Grouper fillet, the smooth broth was a nice tone down dish to end our multi flavours meal.

For dessert, we were served a healthy dessert which is called the Eight Treasure which consists of kidney beans, barley, longan, red dates, mung beans, red beans, black eye peas and dhal.

香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant Location Address Map

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