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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Eastin Hotel - A Scrumptious Feast For A Grand 2016 Year of Fire Monkey Chinese New Year

Treat your family and business associates with a grand and scrumptious Fire Monkey Chinese New Year meal at Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya Selangor. 

The specially crafted dishes for this review are selected from the set menu and prepared by Chef Alex to entice your tastebud for this 2016 Chinese New Year.

To kick start our Chinese New Year review of some of the special highlights dishes for Chinese New Year is the Lou Sang. 

The Yee Sang that are served to us is the Salmon with Rice Cracker 'Yee Sang'. Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant also offers other unique Yee Sang which are the Australian Lobster Yee Sang or the Abalone Yee Sang for customers to choose from.

We then proceeded to taste; the hearty Double Boiled Chinese Herb With Dried Scallop and Fish Maw. Every spoonful of this soup have the smooth taste of the herbs which was encased with the taste of the scallop and the soft springy fish maw; perfectly double boiled to extract all the full flavour of the ingredients into the soup. 

Next on is the Steamed Live Kerai Fish With Superior Soya Sauce. This fish is a freshwater fish which besides eating the flesh; its scales can also be eaten as well. The Chef did a light frying of the scales to give it a slight crunch feel. We love the fine and smooth texture of the steamed fish meat which blended well with the superior soya sauce.

It has been quite a while we had the opportunity to relish to taste the Roast Pei Pa Duck; as many restaurant in the Klang Valley does not served duck in this style. One of the key reasons is that the chef has got to get the timing perfect to get the duck to be roasted with a crisp skin while the meat still retaining the juicy flavour and succulent texture that can proves to be a daunting task to those that are less experience. Great to have tasted this delicious dish after such a long time.

This is then followed by the Braised Homemade Beancurd with Dried Oyster, Prawns and Vegetables.

Moving on we had the Wax Meat Rice with XO Sauce. Usually in most other Chinese Restaurant, the sausage will be pork based but here at Ee Chinese Cuisine, the sausage are from the duck. We like the texture of the sausage as there were very little fats and it was very fragrantful. With the special Chef XO Sauce, it was the right combination to the delicious Wax Meat Rice. Normally by this time, we would have been quite full, but the taste of the rice; called for a second bowl.

For dessert, we had the Coconut Pudding. As in most other restaurant; puddings will normally be served as a small cup or in agar-agar mould, but here the Chef is generously serving it in a coconut shell almost to the brim; to gives it a special twist with the coconut flesh still intact. The pudding has a strong flavour of coconut and topped with a lychee and mint leaves for the finishing touch. A refreshing end to our review.

One of the key thing about dining at Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is the quality of ingredient used to dish out these dishes which makes eating it a joy; especially during festive season like the Chinese New Year.

Other special dishes offered in the set menu during this Chinese New Year from 4th January to 22nd February 2016 are the Mini Monk Jumps Over The Wall, Braised Abalone Dried Oyster, Goose Web with Sea Cucumber, Sizzling Baked Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce and much more from RM628.00 nett per table of 4 pax onwards. 

You can also try out the organic dish of the Steamed Capon Chicken or the Baked King River Prawns or the popular Sweetened Bird Nest and not forgetting the Conventional Style Steamed Century Grouper Fish to savour on. 

For those of you that loves oldies, on every Thursday night, Ee Chinese Cuisine has a special duo which will be belting out some lovely oldies while you enjoy the delicious offering from the restaurant.

On behalf of +BestRestaurant ToEat, we would like to wish our readers a Happy Fire Monkey Chinese New Year.