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Monday, 4 September 2017

Tai Thong Restaurant 2017 Mid Autumn Set Menu

To celebrate the 2017 Mid Autumn Festival a.k.a Moon cake Festival; Chef at Tai Thong Group of Restaurant has 2 special set menu for you to taste.

The first set is the Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix Over The Moonlight (RM738++ for 6 Pax and RM1,098 ++ for 10 Pax).

Starting off is the Lobster Combination Platter with 3 accompanied individual dish:

Chilled Salad Lobster. The salad contains chilled cut fruits with a mayonnaise dressing and topped with chunks of lobster meat.

The second starter on the platter is the Stir-Fried Shark Fin With Scrambled Eggs.

Next is the Crispy Stuffed Chicken with Fish Paste and Almond Flakes. It uses the skin of the chicken which is spread with the fish paste and topped with Almond Flakes. It is then deep fried and cut into small bites pieces; you can taste the crisp of the chicken skin while the other side has the crunchy texture of the Almond Flakes.

This is followed by the Double-Boiled Chicken Soup With Wild Mushroom and Dried Scallop. We like the full bodied taste of the soup which encapsulates all the natural taste of the ingredients especially the wild mushroom and dried scallop.

For the meat dishes; we were served the Baked Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs With Cumin. The baked ribs are served with a stir fried mix vegetables with a combination of mushroom. One can taste the strong flavour of the marinated pork ribs with its soft meat texture.

The star of the night is the Steamed Estuary Tiger Grouper with Wan Yee Mushroom (Hot Oil Saute). The fish has been deboned to make it easy to eat and also allow the sauce to immerse into the tender firm texture of the fish meat.

The next dish is a little fusion dish which is Pan-Seared Scallop Skewer with Lemongrass served with a bread roll.

To fill our stomach; the set menu comes with Imperial Fried Rice With Fish Roe. The rice is fried with a generous amount of seafood with a balance of "Wok Hei" and not too overly oily.

For dessert, we had the Double-boiled Crystal Peach Resin with Snow Lotus and Red Dates which is served chilled. This is served with the Charcoal Bun With Durian and Salted Egg Yolk.

The other 2017 Mid Autumn Set Menu is called the Blooming Flowers and Full Moon Celebration Set which is priced at RM568 ++ for 6 Pax and RM798 ++ for 10 Pax.

The dish that is served for this set are Tai Thong's Combination Platter has 4 starter dishes i.e. the Chilled Top Shell with Fresh Fruits Salad, French Toast With Fish Paste and Seaweed, Salted Egg Yolk Squid in Yam Ring and Steamed Bamboo Pith Rolls. The second dish will be the Braised Crab Meat Soup With Shredded Abalone and Conpoy.

This is then followed by another combo dish of Smoked Duck with Chilled Jelly Fish and Crispy Stuffed Chicken with Fish Paste And Almond Flakes.

For the fish dish; you will be served the Braised Giant Grouper with Roast Pork Belly and Leek. After which; comes the Stewed Abalone Slice and Fish Maw with Home Made Taufoo.

Next is the Boiled Sea Prawn With Yam and Thin Vermicelli in Superior Soup.

For dessert; you will be served the Chilled Sea Coconut With Aloe Vera and Lemon. This dessert is served with Blueberry Sponge Cake.

For both the set; you will receive 2 complimentary pieces of moon cake when you order the 6 Pax package while the 10 Pax package you will receive 4 complimentary moon cake.

For more information on Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Set, Moon Cakes promotion and outlet, please visit Tai Thong Restaurant Facebook page. #taithonggroup #taithongmooncake2017