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Friday, 9 December 2016

MAHA2016 - MAEPS Serdang - 9 Top Reason To Visit

Maha 2016 MAEPS Serdang
MAHA 2016
As a food blogger, we are very keen to know the happening and events related to the food industry. We decided to pay a visit to the MAHA2016 happening at MAEPS to explore what's in store for this biennial events. Here are our 9 Top Reason to To Visit MAHA2016.

Maha 2016 Venue Map
Venue Layout
  1. Widen your knowledge on the agricultural business.
  2. Networking opportunities to learn how to start an agro-based business.
  3. Explore the new product.
  4. See new agriculture technology.
  5. Shop for your agro products.
  6. Let the children enjoy themselves with fun activities.
  7. Get the best offers. 
  8. Traditional cuisines and cooking demonstrations. 
  9. Food. Food and more food.

We started early in the morning and have reached the venue at 8.00am in the morning. Our first pit-stop is the NAFAS CUBE. It is a newly setup Container Hotel in the MAEPS ground. 

After a brief breakfast at the NAFAS Cafe, we were shown the 3 different type of accommodation that are available here.

The Cube which is the Container type has the full facilities including a toilet and a small living area.

The Tube, which is just a Concrete Drain that has been refurbished and house either a queen bed or a twin size bed.

and lastly the Camp, which is laid out next to the lake.

For those that would like to experience this close to nature experience, can check- in to any one of this accommodation.

Next on, we went to the Fisheries Department. The most interesting attractions from here is a briefing of the aquascaping which is a craft of arranging aquatic plants along with rocks, stones, driftwood in an aesthetical aquarium.

Aquascaping allows you to create mountains, deserts, jungles and more.

Another interesting attraction from here is the Upside down fishing village house, you can enjoy this upside down phenomena here.

Lastly, if you are a fan of fishing, you can try your luck at the specially made pools.

After that, we went over to the Laman Padi which is the area where you can learn more about the development of the Padi.

We got a first-hand look at the DIY Padi Processor - a machine that can feed raw Padi from one end; and the resulting side is 3 product, which is the rice, the shredded chaff which can be used as a chicken feed and the broken rice for making other Rice-based products.

Next, we were brief on the latest development from this division; which is the Purple Rice. Here you can see, that there are now being cultivated in the vicinity.

Our next station brings us to the Laman Nanas - Pineapples. There is a new grade of pineapple which was developed in Malaysia i.e MD2. 

The Pineapple have a deep golden yellow fruit and has a strong sweetness level, which makes it a delight to be eaten as a freshly cut fruit.

Due to the texture of the fruit and the sweetness, these pineapples are used to make other product like cakes, jam and juices. You can try them out at some of their outlet that is exhibiting in the Laman Nanas. 

Next, comes the Machinery Section (Laman Jentera). Here there are showcases of machinery that are used in the agriculture industry.

Among the one that caught my eye is the Durian Opening Machine. Having a machine like that takes off the arduous task of opening the king of fruit. One, just places the Durian at the right spot and pull down the lever.

Another interesting technology is the development of the 461 Chilly breed. This chilly is a fast growing species and offer a big size of chilly. If you are keen to plant this chilly, you can talk to them for assistance to make chilly growing your next business venture.

A short walk from the Laman Jentera brings us to meet face to face with a Belgian Hybrid Sado Cattle. These cattle offer a better quality meat with reduced fat content.

We also chanced upon; to visit the Shamee Goat pen; these goats are raised for the milk and kids will love them as they are able to feed them.

Next, as we were walking in the Laman Sayur (Vegetable), we saw some little white boxes along our pathway.

A closer inspection, lead us to the discovery of the nest of the stingless bees. Unlike the other bees, the way they build the nest structure is totally different.

We had the opportunity to sip the honey directly from the nest; an experience that is very rare and unique. The taste of this honey have a tinge of sourish taste

For this MAHA 2016, we had a lot of opportunities to learn new agricultural technology and on that, we come across this Special Melon Manis from Terengganu.


This special breed of Melon Manis is only grown in Terengganu and has a crunchy texture and a sweetness level that out do the other melon.

For children that will be visiting, MAHA 2016, it also offers them the Upin & Ipin which is to impart the habit and knowledge of agricultural practice to the young.

Among some of the following Upin & Ipin activities designed to coincides MAHA 2016 are the 3D art for you and your kids to take pictures

and lastly, a live performance for your kids to enjoy and the opportunity to meet Upin and Ipin in person.

To end our visit, it was time to fill our stomach when we head to Food Empire with more than 168 food outlet. You will be spoilt for choices

Here we tried out the Mee Kolok

followed by the Daging Pangang

Cempedak Goreng

Ayam Garam

Sup Gear Box

and Mee Bandung Special that we had the opportunity to taste out. So much food so little stomach

With so much activity, fun learning and food that can please your stomach, you literally have to spend more time at the MAHA 2016

"See you at MAHA 2016".

Watch our video tour on YouTube

MAHA 2016 Location Map

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Latest Update: A great success after 11 days MAHA2016 which was held is MAEPS Serdang have managed to hit a record of more than 3.7 million visitors.