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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Maria's Steak Cafe Restaurant Bangsar - A Hidden Gems For Steak Lovers

Bangsar Food Maria Steak Cafe Ipoh

There are a number of steakhouses in Kuala Lumpur, but to find one that serves top quality steak at a fairly reasonable price is few and rare . Recently, +BestRestaurantToEat was invited to taste out the Australian Wagyu Steak at Maria's Steak Cafe Restaurant located at 58, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur which is a walking distant from the Bangsar Village Shopping Centre. There are also 2 other outlets one which is in Ipoh and Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Maria's Steak Cafe a western steakhouse has its roots from Ipoh which was started more than 15 years ago. The owners' has a strong conviction to serve only the best and freshest quality meat to its clients; this was perfected thru the extensive experience in managing chilled cuts which are kept in controlled conditions to preserve its natural freshness and succulence.

Our Dinner Course at Maria's Steak Cafe
The restaurant is perfect for all occasions, it is a favourite casual family oriented restaurant, but the restaurant’s intimate, relaxed, elegant interior design and atmosphere make it a great place for a date nights too.

To start off our evening of fine dining pleasure, we were served the NZ Spicy Mussels which is a sharing platter for me and my partner. The sauce is a vegetable siciliana tomato based with fine chilli flakes that blend a hint of sourish and slightly spicy taste. It went well with the firm texture of the air flown New Zealand Green mussels which have a firm meat texture and does not bode any fishy taste. 

For the soup, I had the Oxtail Soup which was boiled for more than 7 hours with a vegetable broth; to extract the full flavours of the oxtails. While the meat texture of the oxtail was fork tender, the aroma of the warm hearty soup was very savoury and pleasant. 

My partner had the Wild Mushroom soup which uses a combination of Shitake and Button mushroom which was thickened with a hint of white cream. What we like about this soup was the chef has added in little small chunks of cut mushroom that add a texture that gives some bite to the soup.

Next; Our main course which is the star of the night is the Australian Wagyu 7 which is Maria's signature and best selling steak. We were a little curious as to why there is a number like 5 and 7 as in the standard menu; it turns out that this is the marble grading of Wagyu. The higher the number the more marbling there is and naturally the cost as well. 

At Maria's Steak Cafe; you get to savour this top quality steak cut which was cooked using a simple marinade of salt, black pepper and red wine to bring out; the best natural flavours of the beef by grilling it to (Medium Rare) which were lightly charred on the outside and deep pink on the inside, making each and every bite of tender, juicy, tasting steak. 

To truly enjoy this AustralianWagyu 7 Rib-Eye steak cuts, it would be a good idea to chew the steak a little longer, so that it gets contact with more of your taste buds. According to the owner of the Maria Steak Cafe, this steak does not come with any sauce as serving it naked; is the best way to truly enjoy the real original taste of this succulent meat cut.

For my partner, her main course was the Canadian Seabass (also known as White Cod Fish). This is a welcome treat for non-meat eater; as the Cod Fish was Pan Fried and served with a specially Sake infused citrusy tangy sauce that was superbly paired with the soft firm, moist texture white fleshed fish. It is topped with Bonito Flakes which was still twirling and dancing when the dish was set on the table.

For desserts; we had the Moist Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream. The cake which was made from seriously rich chocolate; is served warm and was brought to the best with a pairing of the cold smooth vanilla ice cream that tickles your sweet-tooth.

For my partner, she had the Carrot Walnut Cake Topped with Cream Cheese. These freshly home-made cake; was a real delight and sugary treats to end our lovely meals at Maria's Steak Cafe Bangsar.

Deck on the walls of the restaurant are some of the wines collection that you can order with your favourite meal; there is a wine pairing suggestion for most of the mains if you have trouble pairing it. Maria's Steak Cafe Bangsar is really an ideal restaurant to wine and dine in the bustling Bangsar. As mention earlier, there is also two other outlet that you can savour these delicious dishes of which the address are listed below.

For our fans and readers of BestRestaurantToEat, you will get a receive a 10% off of your total bill whenever you dine at Maria’s SteakCafe - valid until end of July 2016 by mentioning “BestRestaurantToEat

Damansara outlet: 
Address: Centre Wing, Level 3, Metropolitan Square, No. 2, Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ  Telephone Number: 03-7725 2313

Ipoh outlet: 
Address: Persiaran Greentown 1, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak 
Number: 05-2424133