Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Good Dim Sum Buffet Restaurant In Bukit Bintang @ Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Photo Source: Lai Ching Yuen Facebook
We are real fan of good Dim Sum and recently we went to Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang to taste the All You Can Eat Dim Buffet (Ala Carte) at RM78.00 Nett.

Not many five-star Hotel in Malaysia serves non-halal Dim Sum but according to Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Dim Sum Chef Thye Yoon Kong; the flavours and taste will be very different and will not be in it's purest form which we totally agreed. Lai Ching Yuen is a famous Dim Sum restaurant with a long history of serving the traditional mainstream dish from the original Dim Sum recipe.

With the latest special promotion; if you truly love Dim Sum; this all you can eat offer will be very irresistible to miss out with more than 60 delectable Dim Sum in its menu; which we are not able to try every single dish.

For me; my all time favourite Dim Sum is from the steamed section in which we were served the Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe. When this Dim Sum reach the table, we were surprised with the generous topping of Fish Roe and needless to say, it was a superb start to our gastro Dim Sum lunch.

Next, we had the Steamed Spared Ribs With Yam and Garlic. With the additional Yam that is laid at the bottom of the dish, all the flavours of the sauce and spare ribs are totally absorbed into the Yam; which was a little wonder by itself.

After that, it was the fluffy Steamed Home Made Fishball.

The must eat traditional Steamed Prawn Dumplings

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Pepper.

followed by the Steamed Beancurd Roll With Oyster Sauce.

Normally for turnip cake, we would normally eat the fried version, but here the Chef steamed it and topped with dried shrimp. As it was steamed, it has a softer texture and blended well with the dried shrimp and scallion topping .

The next Dim Sum dish was a specially dressed up; which is the Seafood Dumpling With Spinach. Love the springy prawn that was in the filling.

For veggie lovers, you might like to try out the Steamed Spinach Dumpling With Preserved Vegetable.

While for fans of Steamed Cake, there is the Traditional Steamed Cake aka Malay Kuih with slice Roasted Almond seed.

For those that love some spicy taste; can try out the Steamed Szechuan Wanton.

After the many Steamed Dim Sum dishes, we move on to taste the Deep Fried section which the first was the Deep Fried Beancurd Roll With Shrimp. We love this one as the beancurd roll has a very crispy texture, which literally crush in our mouth coupled with the fresh shrimp that has a bouncy texture.

Another dish from this section is the Pan Fried Bun With Vegetables and Pork. 

Next, we had the Pan Fried Pork Dumpling With Chives; from the first onset, this looks quite similar to a Gyoza.

and the last item from this section is the Wok Fried Turnip Cake which is fried with Chinese Sausage similar to the other Chinese Restaurant Dim Sum that I recently reviewed. 

Normally it is difficult to find Nian Gao after the Chinese New Year, but the Chef, here have specially made this for those that love Nian Gao which is pan fried with an egg batter.

As we move along to the next section which is Porridge, the first is the Porridge with Century Eggs and Lean Pork.

While the next one is the Porridge With Bonito Fish and Peanuts.

We had 2 dishes from the Steamed Rice Rolls section; the first of which is the Steamed Rice Rolls With Shrimp.

followed by the Steamed Rice Rolls With Preserved Vegetable. This is something new; as the taste of the preserved vegetable has a slightly salty taste which will test your taste-bud.

For Dessert, there is Chinese Pancake, Red Bean, Hot Barley but for me, I love the Chilled Sea Coconut as it was a very refreshing end to our lunch.

There is also an appetiser section which we did try out i.e. the Black Fungus and Cucumber In Special Dressing. This is served chilled with a slight hint of spicy taste coupled with the crunchy black fungus. A good start for the meal.

Or you can try out the Deep Fried Golden Enoki Mushroom for those that likes the crispy and fried starters.

The other section which you can try out is the Soup section, Main course and also the noodles section if you still have stomach rooms to be filled.

Photo Source: Lai Ching Yuen Facebook
Overall, we find this Eat All You Can Dim Sum Buffet; a real-valued for money as the quality of the Dim Sum is good and as it is served ala-carte; you can really enjoy this delicious fare at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur.