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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thai Food at Krathong Thai – Seri Petaling KL - Best Restaurant To Eat

Once in a while, you will have some carving for some spicy and sourish food to whet your appetite and what’s more to this than having Thai Food for a change.

Had the opportunity to try out a new outlet in Seri Petaling D1 & D2, Glass City, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Sri Petaling – Restoran Thai Krathong. This restaurant started quite sometime ago in Bandar Tasik Selatan and Maju Junction (this outlet is closed) and they have move to this location in Seri Petaling and it has been operational for about 7 months now. By the way, this is a Halal restaurant.

You will not miss this outlet as the décor resembles a kampong house to create a homely environment. The ambience was quite nice but if you happen to go at night there are a couple of mosquitoes that you will come across as this is open concept (no air condition).

Back to the food, the first dish that we savoured for the night was the Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice – The rice was very starchy and this made all the rice sticking to each other. The benchmark for Fried Rice is that each grain of rice should be on its own. Overall the taste was quite bland and flat compared to some, which I have tasted at some other restaurant. They were very little pineapple and the yellowish colouring is overwhelming and made this dish not that appetising.

Overall rating - 1 of 5.

Mention any Thai food and you can miss out ordering the ever popular dish of Pandan Leaf Chicken.

The Pandan Leaf Chicken served here is a different twist from those serves at other restaurant. Although from the look of the pandan wrapping, the frying process is thorough, but when one open the wrapping, you can see that the chicken does not have much crisp, and looks like quite plain. Although the chicken portion is quite big the taste was not quite as expected.

Overall rating - 1.5 of 5

Next on the list is the Seafood Otak-Otak. The Otak-Otak serves here is very unique. Most serves especially in Muar Johor – the home of Otak-Otak is the visually BBQ of some mackerel fish paste wrap in banana or coconut leaves.

 At Thai Krathong, it is served using aluminium foils (shaped as a ball) and in it comes with fresh prawns, squid and of course fish paste. The chef is brave enough to experiment with this variation against the originality of Otak-otak. The prawns used here were very fresh and the white squid were very bouncy too, all contributing to a new unique taste for me.

Overall rating - 3 of 5
There are many ways to steam tilapia examples are Special Sauce, Ginger and the more popular is Assam Style. Here, we get to sample, the Steamed Tilapia Fish Krathong Style. Not exactly the same with the normal style of Thai Steam.

Eating Tilapia can be challenging as some restaurant have it frozen and cooked when you order. As Tilapia is a fresh water fish, there is a tendency of the meat degradation when it is frozen.

At this restaurant, the fish are kept in an aquarium where they are fish out fresh and on to the dining table pretty quickly. This ensures that the Tilapia serves here are of the freshest possible.

The use of plenty of garlic makes this spicy sourish dish stand out. Combined with the freshness of the fish, this dish is best eaten with white rice and also second helping.
Overall rating - 3 of 5

Tom yam is a must dish to finish any Thai Food meal. There are many variations of Tom Yam either in plain clear soup or spicy red Tom Yam.

The Tom Yam Soup with Seafood serves here are Thai Krathong is of the plain type. It is not very spicy which makes it just right for the kids to have it. I would have preferred it to be a little more spicy. The prawns, white squid used here are very fresh and succulent. Best eaten with white rice.