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Monday, 3 March 2014

Delicious Home Cooked Meal at Frenz Café Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas by Best Restaurant To Eat

These days, there are a lot of claims by restaurant of home cooked dishes. But what exactly does home cooked meals implies i.e. it is really home cooked like cook at home and so forth. To me, home cooked meals are prepared using the same method as you will have cooked it at home. Most important is the use of choice fresh and quality condiments to whip up this dish using passed down recipes.

I had the opportunity to have a dining experience of home cooked meal at the Frenz café located at G-0-1, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1. The promise of authentic home cooked food salivate my appetite.

Frenz café is a no frill café serving some of the simple one course meals like Ginger Fried Rice, Pan Mee and etc. But, for tonight we will be savouring their special dishes.

We started off ordering some of their special drinks/juices. For me, I like to try something challenging drink i.e. Celery with Bitter Gourd – what a combination. It turns out to be very refreshing and soothing to my throat. The bitterness taste lingers on, which is good for my throat especially when there was some early sign of a sore throat coming around.

The main dish was the Curry Fish Head. The fish head chosen to be cooked in this Malaysian Favourite Curry dish is the Garoupa Fish Head. I fancied this fish head as it has a very firm, smooth and slippery skin which is ideal for curry style cooking.

The curry fish head was cooked without using any santan, which of course is much healthier to be eaten especially for those who have to watch their diet and still carving for this special dish. You will have no worries of the extra calories and so forth. But, for me this have made the dish a little bland as it is not that creamy and does not have that after taste which makes it very fulfilling. Nevertheless for me, it was compensated with the freshness of the fish head.

The chef had also added in generous amount of fresh vegetables like cabbages, ladies fingers, brinjal and etc. This makes it a complete dish in all.

Next, on our main course is the Nyonya Chicken. When the dish arrived, it looks like a very simple dish but upon tasting it, you are instantly jolted by the strong taste of the perfect balance use of the condiments to cook this dish.

It was also very fragrant smell of the serai and bunga kantan. You can’t help, calling a second helping of the white rice to go with it.

For our douse of vegetable, we had the Stir Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Beef. I really love Kai Lan cooked in this style as it retains the flavourful and crunchiness of the Kai Lan. With the add-on beef slices, which the chef uses, it was just the right balance, as the meats was well marinated and retain the tenderness of the meat.

Beef slices are a very delicate meat to be served in Chinese meals. The skill of the chef to prepare and cook beefs depends on his experience to ensure whether you will be served a tough meat or a nice tender and juicy meat. Well done dish by the Chef.

The next dish is Chicken with Salted Egg Yolk. The chicken was first fried in a batter and then cooked in the salted egg yolk sauce, which was very well coated into the chicken.

Finally, we had a not in the menu dish – a chef creation and indeed a very simple dish. It is the Steamed Brinjal with Dried Shrimp.

When it was served to us, it looks very tantalizing and simple. Upon tasting the brinjal, the smooth texture and sweetness of the brinjal blended very well with the light soya sauce and the dried shrimp still retain the crunch and flavours. This is another comfort dish for a second helping of white rice.

The final dish to be tasted for tonight is one of the Frenz signature one dish meal i.e. the Fried Ginger Rice. This dish used to be a must dish for ladies in confinement – i.e. as ginger has the properties to relieve wind in the bodies. I was a little surprise that Frenz serves this dish as there aren’t many places is able to serve this dish.

This dish is the special creation of one of the partner mother and was cooked exactly that way. The ginger was perfectly infused into the fried rice. Don’t get me wrong that the taste of ginger will be very strong here, in fact, it just had a tinge of ginger for each spoonful and not too overwhelming. If you love ginger, this might be a good choice for you.