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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Crispy Crust @ Sunway PJS 10 Petaling Jaya – All Things Crispy and Crusty Review

Out of 5 Malaysian under 30, if you were to ask them what is their favourite food, chances are they will tell you it is Fried Food. With that Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to do a food review for a new outlet Crispy Crust @Sunway PJS 11 which specializes in Fried Food located at 39, Jalan PJS11/9, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

Crispy Crust @Sunway PJS 11 is located at the light industrial area which is just adjacent to the Sunway College and University, which explains quite a number of customer coming from here too. 

Being in the industrial factory unit, it has high ceiling and a wide façade that can cater to a sizable crowd.

The setting is one of a straight forward no frill and casual setting since most food serves here are fast food items which customer usually comes in for a quick meal and off to the next course of their work or study. 

The concept at Crispy Crust @Sunway PJS 11 is very straight forward i.e Design Your Own Set Menu i.e there are quite a number of Fried and Grilled food from the menu. One just selects which item that you want and add on, any additional sides.

To order, just choose from the menu which MAIN DISH you would like and then select the Extra and then any ADD-ON for your meal.

The MAIN DISH has 4 items on it which are Fried Chicken, 

Grilled Chicken, 

Fried Fish 

and Grilled Salmon.

While the EXTRA has Gohan (Japanese) Rice, 


French Fries, Sandwich, Home Salad, Cheese, Beef Bacon, Caramel Bacon, Pan-Fried Eggs, 

Chicken Jumbo Sausages, Beef Jumbo Sausages and Pineapple Ring.

For the ADD ON, you can order the other snack which includes Home Made Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken Wings, Extra Fries, Nachos and Deep Fried Milk.

And for the drinks you can order the Home Made Lime Soda, any soft drinks from the Fizzy fountain and Beer which would be a nice pairing for all these Fried Food. 

Besides that, they have special Breakfast Set which consist of a Big Burger with either Fried Chicken or Grilled Chicken with a couple of beef bacon slices and topped with a pineapple ring with mayonnaise dressing. 

I preferred the burger with the Grilled Chicken as the meat is more tender and juicy while the pineapple ring gives out a sweet and tangy taste which blended well to the entire offering.

Well, if you are one of those that simply loves Fried Food, you might find Crispy Crust as a Haven for you. As the name suggest, all the Fried stuff , has Crust that are super Crispy at Crispy Crust @Sunway PJS 11.