Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Black Bull Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur– A New Place To Dine, Drink, Bowl, Sing, Pool and Dart Grand Opening

Is there such a place where you can do all that in Kuala Lumpur. The answer is YES. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to the Grand Opening of Black Bull located at Lot T-003, 3rd Floor South Court, Mid Valley Megamall 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Black Bull Mid Valley offers its patrons, an all in one place where you entertain yourself and your guests with a multitude of entertainment.

You can start off with a game of pool or bowling at the Brunswick bowling lane and then proceed to have a western fusion dinner at the lounge which can then be followed by a karaoke session and then end with a drink or two at the bar while playing with the electronic darts machines. So much to do.

The setting is of, one that is energetic, vibrant and upbeat where guests are constantly being entertained with the lively music. At Black Bull Mid Valley, there are just too many things you can do that will easily revitalize your soul from the daily work stress.

During the Grand Opening, we were feasted to some of the food offering from the kitchen which includes the Salsa

Grilled Seabass With Spicy Peanut Sauce

Roasted Meltique Beef With Brown Sauce

arrays of fresh green salad

and desserts and free flow of beers.

After dinner we had the chance to belt out some of the oldies numbers in the private KTV rooms.

After the Karaoke session, it was our turn to try out our mediocre bowling skills in the special eight lane Brunswick bowling alley. 

This bowling alleys differs from the standard alley which are very brightly lit, the ambience on the alley is one of a soothing blue and calm which is suitable for casual bowlers like yours truly that want to enjoy a game or two.

Lastly, we ended the night with some dart throwing at the electronic dart machines which you do not need to keep the score manually like in other pubs. This makes the game more interesting as the score will be the most accurate for those that want a challenge for a game or 2.

Overall, we had spent more than 6 hours in the Black Bull Mid Valley and all of us were indeed a very happy and joyful lot having spent the night doing all this fun entertainment all in one night at one place.

So, the next time, you do not know where to go and there are too many suggestions, then you and your friends can head over to Black Bull Mid Valley, where there will be at least one entertainment that will fit in. What’s more you can also book the Black Bull to host some of your corporate events, gatherings and private parties too.

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