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Sunday, 15 May 2016

2016 Ramadan Buffet Petaling Jaya: Swez Brasserie Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya Selangor - Berbuka Puasa Di Bazaar Ramadan

For Muslim around the world; they honour the Ramadan as a month of patience endurance through fasting and gratitude through prayers ; where they strengthen and reinforce their faith, compassion and forgiveness. For many the breaking of fasting i.e. Buka Puasa is an experience to visit the many Bazzar Ramadan to taste the local street food that offers a variety of food selection.

With that, Swez Brasserie at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya Selangor brings forth the same experience, where patrons to their Ramadan Buffet is able to taste these popular and lip-smacking dishes all in the comfort of the hotel.

You can look forward to some of these dishes that are brought to you specailly by the team of chef at Swez Brasserie Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. Among them are the Gulai Kepala Jenahak

Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Sugar Cane Chicken

Gulai Nangka Tulang Rusuk Kambing

Ayam Pansuh (Chicken Cooked in Bamboo) - a favourite dish from Sarawak

Prawns Cooked in Bamboo

Whole Roast Lamb

Nasi Briyani with Roasted Eggs (must eat)

Ikan Bakar

If you still have the stomach to eat, you can also try out the Indonesia Pecal Bersama Sambal Jawa

or the Sotong Bermadu Peranakan

For Durian lovers, the restaurant is also serving fresh Durian along with mouth-watering desserts made from the King of Fruits.

which is the Durian Puff - Superbly done; it could even be better if it was served directly from the oven.

and the must eat Durian Cake

Another dish that you must try is the Roti Jala Hujan Panas With Kuah Durian - As we are all too familiar with the Roti Jala that are served with Chicken Curry, here they served it differently with a special Rainbow Style Roti Jala and served with a in-house made durian sauce that will make you want to eat another piece.

and selection of the Kuih Muih Melayu and many more western style desserts

For Early Bird Vouchers are available on sale now until 1st June 2016 for only RM69 Nett per person. The early Bird promotion is valid from 7th to 12th  June 2016.

The special prices for the Buffet are 7th to 12th  June 2016 & 27th June to 3rd July 2016 are priced at RM95 Nett per adult and RM58 Nett per child, whereas from 13th to 17th June & 20th to 24th June 2016 it is at RM138.00 per adult and RM69.00 per child.

Don't miss out on the Early Bird discount to book your voucher today. For more information, please call Swez Brasserie at 03-7665 1111 ext 183.

+BestRestaurantToEat wishes all our Muslim Friends and Fans "Selamat Berbuka Puasa"

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