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Monday, 26 September 2016

Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang - Specialty Chinese Dishes and Seafood

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Address

Kajang is famous for its satay offering and most people that go to Kajang usually flock to those Satay stalls. But this time around we are not going for its' Satay but instead to try out a popular Chinese restaurant which is the Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang located at 17-20, Jalan KP 1/2, Taman Kajang Prima, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia, a Chinese Restaurant that started way back in 2001 which offers wedding banquet and authentic Chinese and seafood dishes in Kajang.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Dining Area

Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang has recently renovated its restaurant to offers a better dining experience and ambiance that befit the growing demand and upmarket offering for Chinese and Seafood cuisine in Kajang.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Dining Area

With the refurbished setup, the Chef has also come out with a few new dishes to entice its customers taste buds as the preferred choice for Chinese Food and wedding banquet in Kajang.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang VIP Room

For more privacy dining, Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang also offers its customer with 10 private room dining with karaoke facilities; each of these rooms is named after the popular Chinese Dynasty. Some of the rooms can be combined to hold mini private banquet of up to 60 pax. The ground floor hall can accommodate up to 40 tables while its first floor up to 60 tables.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Padi Fried Crab Rice

Our review started off with the restaurant signature dish which is the Padi Fried Crab Rice RM48.00 (Medium) and RM68.00 (Big). The rice is first fried with Pandan Leaf, Lemon Grass, and Eggs before setting into the lotus leaf and sent to the steamer. It is then topped with two type of crab meat i.e flower and mud crab meat. This method of cooking makes the rice very fluffy and flavourful. We like the fact that the crab meat is extracted out to make eating this crab dish a breeze; especially those that loves crab but does not like the process of getting to the crab meat.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Marmite Dong Bo Meat

This is then followed by the Marmite Dong Bo Meat (RM28.00). The pork belly is first fried and then braised with a special sauce to soften the texture especially the fat layer of the belly. When the orders are made, it is then cut to the right portion and is then coated with a marmite sauce that caramelized into the pork belly meat. The result, tender meat with a distinct marmite aroma and taste. Wonderful with a bowl of white rice. This Dong Bo meat is best paired with Red Wine.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Sweet And Sour Fish

Another signature dish of the Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang is the Sweet and Sour Tilapia (RM4.00 per 100gm). The notable difference is the presentation of this dish. Normally for other restaurants, the chef will deep fry the whole fish and served with the sauce but here, the chef, has sliced out all the fish meat and deep fried it separately, this makes for a great presentation and is very easy to eat. The other plus points are that the sauce is set on the base which is good for those that would enjoy the crunchiness of the fried fish meat.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang 2 Varieties Tau Foo

The next dish is the 2 Varieties BeanCurd (RM20.00). The first bean curd has a Japanese influence; in that, it uses the Japanese Egg Taufoo which is mixed with minced fish paste and mushroom. It is moulded before being steamed and fried to a crisp, giving a texture of crispy outside but soft on the inside. The other style has the fried beancurd with a Thai style sauce that gives a refreshing sourish and tangy taste.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Fried Lobster with Curry Powder

The last signature dish is the Fried Lobster with Curry Powder (RM23.80 per 100 gm). These Boston lobster are not the frozen type; you can see them swimming in the aquarium on the ground floor. It is as fresh as you can get. The Lobster are first lightly fried to give it a more reddish hue and then cooked in a special flavourful curry concoction. The firm texture of the lobster is infused with buttery curry taste and an aromatic broth, such that it melts in the mouth and leave a satisfied savoury aftertaste.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Deluxe Mixed Vegetables

The new dishes which will be featured in the standard menu is the Deluxe Mixed Vegetables. Using fresh Wai San (Burdock) which is rich in iron was indeed a surprise to us as normally Wai San is favoured as an ingredient for soup. Stir fried with a combination of fresh diced prawn meat, peanuts, and kale; we find it a nice combination with the different texture that gives our taste bud an experience of the real taste of its' original ingredients.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Vietnamese Style Prawn Cracker

The last dish is the Vietnamese Style Prawn Cracker. Inspired with the Japanese Tempura; 3 giant prawns are first sliced in the middle and then layered with a thin layer of seasoned batter and sent for deep frying. The result is a nice crunchy texture with the succulent prawn meat in every bite. It is like the Cucur Udang but with giant prawns. Although the look of this dish is simple, the taste was extremely delicious.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Private Room

Overall the dishes serves at Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang scored top marks in terms of presentation, taste and prices. The Chef at the restaurant takes great pains to ensure that each dishes are presented to make eating it a simple affair without much fuss.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Wine Collection

As the current trend is for one to enjoy their meal with wine; Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang also offers a wine selection which is hand-picked by the restaurant owner that you can choose from to be paired with your dishes.

Fortuna Seafood Restaurant Kajang Fresh Juice Bar

But for those healthy fans; Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang also has their own Juice Bar that serves freshly squeezed juices.

Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant Kajang Address
17-20, Jalan KP 1/2,
Taman Kajang Prima,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia