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Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant @ Jalan Raja Chulan Kuala Lumpur - Omakase Fine Dining

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is a Pork Free Japanese Restaurant that prides itself in serving its dishes with No MSG and No Preservatives. All the cooking are cook ala-minute i.e. when one places an order. This ensures the customers get to enjoy the finest food straight from the kitchen. Naturally, there is some waiting time that you have to pre-allocate when dining at the restaurant.

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Address
No.84, Ground Floor, Annex, Jalan Raja Chulan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A norm in the operation of Cocotei is to bring the in-season fresh ingredient that is air-flown in from Japan; this is the closest dining experience out of Japan that you can get. You can expect that the Omakase Set that is being offered; changes on a weekly basis.

The Chef cum owner has a history of more than 25 years of serving fine Japanese cuisine, having served under the tutelage of Japanese fine dining culinary master for many years before venturing out on his own.

As the season of Spring has just started in Japan and Sakura flowers are in full bloom, today our culinary experience revolves around the Sakura Omakase (7 courses) Set. Starting out is the Zensai Santen  - a combo of 3 specially crafted Japanese appetiser which is the Hotaru Ika (Baby Squid), Tofu Miso Yaki and the Okura Ikura Ai - a special homemade slices of okra with a special sauce topped with Salmon Fish Roe that gives an elements of salty bursting taste to this appetizer.

Next on the course is the Sashimi Moriawase, we were served the current in-season special which is the Tobiuo (Flying fish) as the main sashimi paired with the Kanpachi (Yellow Tail), Akamai (Tuna) and the ever popular Sake (Salmon). The freshest and best cut to the right thickness of this sashimi platter was a real treat.

This is then followed by the Potato Manju - This is a very popular dish in Shinjuku Japan and it was concocted after Chef Coco Tan during one of his pilgrimage to Japan where he was intrigued by the flavours and texture of this dish. In Japan, the filling used is Pork but since Cocotei Japanese Restaurant is a Pork-free restaurant, he uses the chicken as the filling. This marinade chicken filling is then wrapped with a silky smooth potato which has a texture reminiscent to the smashed potatoes and broiled with a Dashi broth.

For the grilled item, we were served the Ebi Kimmiyaki (Grilled Prawn With Egg Yolk). Love the prawn meat that was grilled to the right charred that retains the firm bouncy texture of the meat.

The next dish is another version of Tempura which is not very familiar in Malaysia, This is the called the Arare Age Moriawase. This version of Tempura uses tiny Baked Rice Crackers as its batter instead of the Tempura powder. We love the crispy Rice Crackers as it gives out a nice crunchy feel to each bite. There is four variety which was served to us, which is the Deep-fried Scallop, Crab Stick, Fish Fillet and Egg Plant.

The dipping sauce for this dish is either the special Shoyu dipping sauce or the special Japanese Salt.

The last course before dessert is the Sushi Moriawase which consists of the Salmon Mentai Sushi (Sliced Salmon topped with Mentai sauce), Negitoro Gunkan Maki (finely chopped raw tuna) and the Nianago Sushi(sea eel).

This Sushi Moriawase set is served with Kinoko Miso Shiru (mushroom miso soups). We love this strongly flavoured mushroom soup as the Chef has used a combination of the few type of mushroom to gives it a strong taste, flavours, and aroma.

For dessert, we were served the Domyoji Age (Japanese Sweet Pink Coloured Red Bean Rice Cake). A truly satisfying end to this special fine dining experience at Cocotei Tokyo Cuisine.

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Address & Location Map

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