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Embrace a Vibrant Social Life with Heineken®'s #WorkResponsibly Campaign

The Ghosted Bar experience at The Beer Factory at Hartamas

Heineken® Puts an End to Ghosting: Encouraging Malaysians to Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Heineken®, the renowned beer brand, has embarked on a mission to combat the trend of ghosting among Malaysians. With the launch of their innovative campaign, 'The Ghosted Bar,' Heineken® aims to encourage Malaysians to #WorkResponsibly while maintaining an active social life. 

Guests tracking the arrival of invited friends via The Ghosted Bar Command Centre

Recent research commissioned by Heineken® reveals that 41% of employees in Malaysia have neglected their friends due to work obligations, despite 91% of Malaysians recognizing the positive impact of a thriving social life on work-related stress levels.

Outlet Experiences: Bringing the #WorkResponsibly Notion to Life

The ambiance at the Ghosted Bar experience, The Beer Factory at Hartamas

Heineken® intends to manifest its campaign through a series of captivating 'Ghosted Bar' outlet experiences. Spanning a month-long period, these experiences will be held at selected bars across Malaysia. The objective is to motivate Malaysian employees to establish a healthier work-life balance by reconnecting with their friends.

Rekindling Friendships: The Ghosted Bar Command Centre

Upon arrival at the participating outlets, guests will have access to the Ghosted Bar Command Centre. This innovative platform allows users to invite friends who have been ghosted to join them at the bar. Should the invitation be accepted, the friend will receive an exclusive #WorkResponsibly Grab code for a hassle-free ride to the venue. 

A guest sharing a personalised message with a friend to #WorkResponsibly

Meanwhile, guests can monitor their friend's estimated time of arrival and approximate location through the Command Centre. Once the friend arrives, the entire group will enjoy a complimentary bucket of Heineken® beer, accompanied by a unique Heineken® serving ritual experience.

Win Prizes: Heineken® Live Draw and Exclusive Experiences

The excitement continues with the opportunity to participate in the Heineken® Live Draw, offering a chance to win a variety of prizes worth a total of RM100,000. Lucky winners can secure tickets to the coveted 'Good Vibes Festival Squad Goals,' exclusive Heineken® Dining experiences, and even private Heineken® Birthday Party experiences. 

Excited guest winning an Exclusive Heineken Dining Experience worth RM1,200 at the Heineken® Live Draw

Furthermore, guests and their reunited friends can capture their memorable moments at the Unghosted Moments photo booth and share their experiences on social media.

Driving the Message Home: Words from Heineken Malaysia Berhad

Willemijn Sneep, Head of Marketing at Heineken Malaysia Berhad, shared her thoughts on the campaign, stating, "Heineken® aims to inspire employees to prioritize their social life by emphasizing the importance of not ghosting their friends due to work commitments. 

Willemijn Sneep, Head of Marketing at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad giving a welcome speech to guests at The Ghosted Bar

Through the month-long outlet activations, we hope to encourage fans to reach out to their ghosted friends and share the unique 'Ghosted Bar' experience together."

Spreading the Message: The Online Ghost Generator

Alongside the exciting activities, supporters can create personalized GIFs using the online Ghost Generator. These GIFs serve as reminders to friends, encouraging them to #WorkResponsibly. For more information on how to generate these captivating GIFs, please visit the official website.

A guest inviting a friend to the outlet through The Ghosted Bar Command Centre

Join the Ghosted Bar Experiences: Registration and Information

To participate in the captivating 'Ghosted Bar' experiences, register, and learn more about the campaign, visit ghostedbar.heineken.com. These experiences will take place from Tuesdays to Fridays, between 9th May and 31st May, from 6 PM to 10 PM. The selected bars are located in Penang, Ipoh, the Klang Valley, and Johor regions. 

Guests enjoying themselves at The Ghosted Bar experience at The Beer Factory, Hartamas

It's important to note that Heineken® and all related promotions and activities are strictly intended for non-Muslim

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