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Friday, 6 October 2017

Kazumi Japanese Cuisine New Menu Hotel Bangi Putrajaya Selangor

Kazumi Japanese Cuisine is a very popular Japanese Restaurant in Bangi Selangor. Recently, it has introduced new Japanese Fusion dishes that not only gives you a wow factor look but taste equally exquisite.

Kazumi Japanese Cuisine is located at the Lower Ground of Hotel Bangi Putrajaya with a modern Japanese theme. For more information on the latest promotion and information, you can check out their Website or Facebook page.

We are here to taste this new menu dishes specially curated by their Chef; the first of which is the Surf & Turf (RM 99).A combo platter which is filled with Teppanyaki beef, Prawn tempura, Chicken Karrage, Potato salad and Grilled Mackerel. The beef Teppanyaki is pan-fried to a tender and juicy texture.

The next dish is followed by a kebab style (skewers) teriyaki Kushi Yaki (RM 99); it’s a signature dish of Kazumi, but chances are you would have enjoyed this fusion Japanese treat here. This is a worthy starter which has the slathering of tiny, tender, well-seasoned meat and seafood grilled to the perfect char.

For sushi fan Sushi On Rack (RM 49) offers a distinctive savoury choice of 6 exquisitely crafted Sushi.

Kazumi Poke Ball version aka Chirashi Sushi (Regular- RM 69; Premium- RM 99) which has layers of vinagraite, salmon chunks, seaweed and topped with Sashimi pieces is indeed very pleasing to the eyes. Looking exquisite with the perfect addon and a combination of texture makes it a delightful treats. 

Next on you can taste the Fire and Ice (RM 69) platters which have the deep fried soft shell crab sushi and sprinkles of prawn roe served with a mayo-based dressing. While the lower rack is a sashimi combo which is bedded with a layer of crushed ice; giving the customer a feel of a hot and cold dish with precise, harmonious flavours and textures.

If you like something unique, the Flying Noodles Inaniwa Udon (RM 49) might just be the right one for you, you can go nuts for the dish, and not only because it's tasty - but the combo of its colours! It's practically magical as demonstrated by the kitchen’s attention to detail slurping down that tasty dipping of Salted Eggs Yolks.

At Kazumi; there are 4 different desserts offering the first of which is the Candle Lit Panna Cotta (RM 24) served with a lit candle and accompanied with Mango and Mixed Berrie's coulis.

Followed by the Green Tea Tiramisu (RM24) simple yet so good. The green tea tiramisu is served with Sesame Ice Cream.

Shingen Mochi (RM 18) is a traditional Japanese rice-cake dessert that is sprinkled with soybean powder and served with brown sugar syrup; it is so delicate it literally melts in your mouth. The cake is made using mineral water and agar-agar and resembles a giant raindrop - and that is exactly what it tastes like with the toppings that give the dessert a molasses and roasted nutty flavour.

Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday
(Lunch- 12 noon to 2.30pm)
(Dinner-6.30 pm to 10.00 pm)

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