Thursday, January 4, 2018

Steamboat Putrajaya at Pak John Steamboat And BBQ @IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Pak John Steamboat And BBQ @IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Fans of Steamboat who is staying in Putrajaya can enjoy the delicious Pak John Steamboat and BBQ (Halal certified) at IOI City Mall Putrajaya starting from Dec 2017. You need not travel to eCruve in Mutiara Damansara to enjoy their quality seafood balls.

Datuk Rosyam Nor (Malaysia famous actor and TV host)

Pak John Steamboat And BBQ have just recently opened its outlet in IOI City Mall Putrajaya by Datuk Rosyam Nor (Malaysia famous actor and TV host). Famed for its in-house made ingredients; it now serves more than 160 ingredients where you can choose to eat as a steamboat or BBQ.

Pak John Steamboat And BBQ @IOI City Mall Putrajaya

It is a 2 in 1 buffet that offers a value for money dining with top quality ingredients for just RM42.90 ++ Eat All You Can Buffet (no time limit). For more information on any promotion, you can visit Pak John Steamboat And BBQ facebook page

Locating Pak John Steamboat And BBQ at IOI City Mall Putrajaya might be a little challenging as the outlet is located at GE-11, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall. You have to go the external foyer of the Shopping Mall. Here you can also dine Alfresco on a cool night.

For seafood lovers, Pak John offers quite a bit more than Among the many offering includes fresh seafood likes clams,

squid, octopus,

prawns, fish

and plenty more.

Others like Black Peppers Beef, Honey Beef

Peri Peri Chicken

and more are marinated with their chef special sauce that is great for BBQ.

While the fish balls and seafood balls are made from their own factories, some of the speciality balls which is a must try is the Squid Balls.

for cheese lovers, don't forget to taste the Cheese Fish balls. When you bite into it, you can taste the mozzarella cheese which is embedded wrapped in the fish paste.

The Lobster fishballs are one of my favourites. Not only it has a nice taste, but also a bouncy and firm texture which is ideal for steamboat.

The others ingredients are assorted vegetables like Sawi, Kangkung, Spinach and other makeup for a healthy meal if you choose it.

There are quite a number of sauces to go with your steamboat and BBQ, from sweet sauce to sambal and the extra spicy Thai sauce. Mix and match your perfect sauce.

For the soup base, you can choose from the Five available soup, starting from the Chicken soup, Prawns soup, Miso, Curry and of course the Tomyam which is the crowd favourite.

While waiting for your food to be cooked, you can taste some of the cooked dishes like Fried Rice, Noodles

Dim Sum

and some fried dishes too.

You can also order some premium item from the serving station, which includes smoked duck slices, wafer-thin lamb and beef slices that are perfect for the steamboat.

For dessert; you can have the ABC, local cut fruits, waffles and much more to finish off your meals.

All in all, you can rest assured; by the time you leave Pak John Steamboat and BBQ; you will have satisfied all your steamboat and BBQ cravings and definitely no room in your stomach for any other food.

Pak John Steamboat And BBQ @IOI City Mall Putrajaya Address Location Map