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Publika Food | 4Play Seafood and Co

4Play Seafood and Co

There is a new restaurant in Publika which is 4Play Seafood and Co and is located at A1-G2-07 JALAN DUTAMAS 1, Publika, Kuala Lumpur and one of their many specialities is down to its' seafood and Western Oriental fusion dishes. For more information and promotion offer, check out 4Play Seafood and Co facebook page

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

Opened barely less than 1 month, 4Play Seafood and Co is frequented for its seafood dishes especially to those that love crab dishes which comes with a few special flavours that are simply enticing and best eaten with fried mantao or just a plain bowl of steaming white rice.

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

With a simple setting and an elaborate Chef that started at La Bodega and Two Sons Bistro; is in charge of the new menu at 4Play Seafood and Co. The menu is still undergoing some changes to some of its flavour that will cater to the crowds frequenting Publika.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Our review started with an order of Wild Mushroom Soup (RM20.00) which boasts the combination of the blended shitake, oyster and white mushroom which is simmered with a rich cream broth and drizzle with truffle oil that has a distinct mushroom flavour and taste.

Butter Garlic Mushrooms

Our next chef recommended appetizer is the Butter Garlic Mushrooms (RM21.00). The Chef has a penchant for dishing perfectly executed mushroom dishes. Here again; like our soup, it has a strong mushroom flavour which is enhanced by the use of a blended butter, garlic and basil sauce.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Chicken

Next on, we move on to order some Golden Salted Eggs Yolk appetizer, the first of which is the Chicken Golden Salted Eggs Yolk(RM25.00). The Chicken meat is lightly battered with Salted Eggs Yolk and sauteed with curry leaves, onions, chilli padi and chilli flakes which leaves a strong curry flavour.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Prawns

This Golden Salted Egg Yolks dish can also be ordered with Prawns (RM28.00) as the base ingredients. The deshell prawns made it easy to be eaten as an appetiser. But for some, you may order some white rice to go with this salted egg yolk dish.

Calamari Golden Salted Eggs

While for the squid lovers, there is the Calamari Golden Salted Eggs (RM25.00). All these salted eggs dishes are best to be eaten with an icy cold draught beer as it has that slightly salty taste of the salted duck eggs but fans of the salted will relish on these offerings.

Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom

Another one of the Chef popular dishes is the Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom (RM22.00) as a starter. Using portobello mushroom as the base; it is topped with flame cheese that melted and encompasses the filling.

Spicy Chilli Mussels

Next, we move on to some Chef speciality seafood dishes, the first of which is the Spicy Chilli Mussels (RM35.00). This dish has a slightly spicy sourish taste. We were recommended to eat this with the Toasted Garlic Bread to scoop up the chilli sauce.

Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams

This is then followed by the Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams (RM30.00). I personally like this flavour which has a strong aroma and coupled with the freshness of the Clam, it was a real treat and for this, we ordered a bowl of white rice to finish off the creamy buttery flavourful sauce.

Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab

The Star of 4Play Seafood and Co is the Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab (RM75.00). Each order of the seafood dishes is at the weight of 500 gram. The sauce was quite good which went perfectly with an order of Fried mantao as the dip.  Customers have a choice to order the crab, clams or mussels dishes with others flavours (all in 6 different sauce base) as well; with the sides of white rice, toasted garlic beard or fried mantao to go with these seafood dishes.

Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Our final main dish is the Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken (RM35.00). For this dish; there is a tad of saltiness to my taste. If you like to eat less salty taste; please make sure to have the chef reduce its saltiness during your order. For me; it would have been ideal to use the thigh drumstick quarters for this as it has a more tender and juicy meat texture.

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