Thursday, April 19, 2018

Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Morganfield's New Menu 2018 - Homes of Sticky Bones

Morganfield's Malaysia New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Morganfield's Homes of Sticky Bones is an American casual dining restaurant. On first thought, you would think and believe it is an American brand. The truth is Morganfield's is actually a homegrown Malaysian brand that has expanded within the region now.

Morganfield's Malaysia New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

You can experience the full American decor of the 50's with the pipe in American blues music playing on the background while you dine with the authentic, old-fashioned, prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked to tender mouthwatering perfection.

Morganfield's Malaysia New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Another prominent feature of the new menu at Morganfield's is the array of the porky-licious dishes that are served at all Morganfield's outlet and is a real plus point for pork eating fans. 

Morganfield's Malaysia New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL Porky Salad

First on the table is the Porky Salad (RM28.90 Nett). Served with 2 slabs of crunchy roasted pork belly cut into bite sizes, we literally finish all the pork belly in record time. The salad which consists of fresh greens, cucumber sticks, avocado, cherry tomatoes, almond flakes and sesame seeds is served with a spicy vinaigrette sauce on the side. A topping of fish crackers gives a different texture to this salad dish. 

Morganfield's Malaysia New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL Roasted Pork Belly

For those; not the health freaks that just wanted to enjoy the roasted pork belly without the salad can make an order of Roasted Pork Belly (RM22.90 Nett).

Mussels Kilpatrick @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

The next appetiser that came was the Mussels Kilpatrick (RM28.90 Nett). An order of this comes with 6 green mussels which were sauteed with smoked bacon and sweet and sour tomatoes sauce. This is then topped with cherry tomatoes which has a tangy taste is a good starter for a meal.

Sticky Wings @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

For those of you; that love Fried Chicken wings will love this dish which is called the Sticky Wings (RM22.90 Nett). There are 3 flavours for you to choose from which is Fiery Habanero (a little spicy), Golden Egg Crunch (salted eggs flavour) and Honey Soy (salty sweet taste). 

Seafood Chowder @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

For the soup, we ordered the Seafood Chowder (RM16.90 Nett). You can find a combination of seafood, corn kernels, potatoes, seaweed (yes, this is the one that makes this seafood chowder a little unique) and carrots. It is then topped with croutons to fill up your stomach.

Sizzling Rib Eye @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Besides pork dishes; you can order the Sizzling Rib Eye (RM 69.90 Nett). The rib-eye steak is grilled to your preferred doneness and layered with the mushroom gravy. The steak is served in a sizzling pan with caramelized onions, mashed potatoes, sliced Eryngii mushroom and garden vegetables.

Citrus Mojito Baby Back @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

You can't leave Morganfield's without tasting its pork ribs; here is a new item on the menu which is Citrus Mojito Baby Back (RM 69.90 Nett). The ribs are marinated in apple flavours which is slow cooked in the oven and grilled to a nice char and topped with diced apples. You can order 2 sides dish to goes with your ribs. We like the fork-tender texture of the pork ribs meat as it needed little effort to eat it. 

Captain's Catch @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

We choose another ribs dish, but this is a combination platter which is called the Captain's Catch (RM102.90 Nett). Besides the main feature a half rack of ribs which you can choose the flavours (Hickory BBQ, Garlicky BBQ, Asian Charred or Rib Rub) This platter also comes with a Beer Battered White Perch fillet and 2 piece of sausages which is Spicy Devil sausage and Herby Hog sausage which let you taste the different type of flavour.

Southwest Chicken BLT  @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

If you still have stomach after eating all the pork ribs and started, you might want to taste this sinfully Southwest Chicken BLT (RM 32.90 Nett).  This burger consists of a deep-fried boneless chicken thigh which is marinated with a special seasoning and topped with fried pork bacon strips with honey chilli mustard. The burger is served with French Fries and Coleslaw at the side,

Smokin Duck Pasta @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Finally, if there are still rooms left in the stomach,  or on your cheat day; an order of the Smokin Duck Pasta (RM 29.90 Nett) can certainly complete your meal. Not only is this pasta laden with slices of smoked duck meat; you will find that there is little tiny crispy fried pork lard in between the pasta that makes this dish extra flavourful.

Morganfields FREE pork ribs for one year @Morganfield's New Menu 2018 Pavilion KL

Here is a little secret for you. For those that really love pork ribs; would you like to eat FREE pork ribs for one year;  You just need to celebrate your birthday at Morganfield's with a minimum spent on RM500.00. Do check this offer out or Morganfield's facebook page for more details.