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TASTO Potato Chips and DOZO Japanese Rice Crackers Launch In Malaysia

TASTO AND DOZO Snack Food Official Launch

THAI SNACK FOOD: Fans of TASTO Potato Chips and DOZO Rice Crackers in Malaysia can now enjoy this delicious Thai Snack food with the official launch in Malaysia.

BJC Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd Malaysia Team

BJC Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (BJC Foods), a subsidiary of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited of Thailand, and manufacturer of popular snack brands such as Wise Cottage Fries and TASTO®, has just launched three new familiar Asian flavour under the TASTO Potato Chips and DOZO, the No. 1 brand of Crispy Rice Crackers in Thailand, which the company believes will delight the taste buds of Malaysian snack food consumers.

TASTO Potato Chips and DOZO Japanese Rice Crackers Launch In Malaysia

BJC Tasto AND Dozo Official Launch Games

TASTO Potato Chips main target is to the young at heart with a theme of fun, challenging and adventurous experience. Thus, the excitingly new flavour that is was launched by the company features three of Asia’s popular delicacies. They are the 3 Flavours Fish, Curry Crab and Seaweed with Korean Sauce.

Tasto Potato Chips - 3 Flavours Fish - Ikan Masak Tiga Rasa

The TASTO 3 Flavours Fish is based on a delicious Malaysian delicacy known as the “Ikan Masak Tiga Rasa”. The three main flavours that form this unique potato chips dish are Sweet, Sour and Spicy. BJC has combined these familiar tastes to ensure a balanced and unique combination that encompass the natural flavours to delight snack food fans.

Tasto Potato Chips - Curry Crab - Kari Ketam

While the TASTO Curry Crab flavoured potato chips, offers curry crab lovers with the opportunity to obtain the same great taste as the sought-after dish that features delicious crab meat enveloped in a tasty dry curry, all in one perfectly packaged crispy potato chips.

Tasto Potato Chips - Seaweed With Korean Sauce - Rumpai Laut Dengan Sos Korea

Leveraging on the growing influence of Korean culture led by the “K-Pop” phenomenon and to capture the new generation of consumers who fancy Korean food, the TASTO Seaweed with Korean Sauce flavoured potato chips will be a welcome addition to placate their taste buds and also serve as a must-have starter in many Korean diners.

TASTO Potato Chips and DOZO Rice Crackers Launch In Malaysia

These new flavours are made available with TASTO’s thinly sliced crispy potato chips with “V-Cut”, the process that gives the V-shaped wave formation on the chip that is designed to maximize delivery of the flavours and ensure that “snackers” gets the most out of each bite.

DOZO Japanese Rice Cracker Selection

Apart from the TASTO potato chips, BJC’s new crispy rice cracker, DOZO, is targeted for the active
kids, as well as mums. DOZO crispy rice cracker is made with superior quality Japanese rice and comes with a variety of flavour options such as Original, Corn Cheese and Japanese Seaweed.

DOZO Japanese Rice Cracker - Japanese Seaweed Flavour - Perisa Rumpai Laut Jepun

These nutritious rice crackers are oven-baked to offer consumers a healthy snack and crafted to an ideal size that allows it to be easily carried along and munched, whenever it is needed to boost energy levels or comfort a growling stomach.

BJC Malaysia Mr Phillip Leong - Managing Director of BJC Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

“We are very excited to offer three new exotic flavours for our TASTO potato chips, as well as introducing the new DOZO rice-crackers for our Malaysian consumers”, said BJC Foods managing director, Phillip Leong.

Mr Chester Chow, Executive Director of Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd

“Thus, introducing the new exotic Asian and local flavours is a bold step for us in an industry where most snack food manufacturers take the safe path by offering traditional flavours.

DOZO Japanese Rice Cracker - Corn Cheese Flavour - Perisa Keju Jepun

“I am confident that our consumers will find that the superior quality and delicious taste of the products to be extremely refreshing and tantalizing.

DOZO Japanese Rice Cracker - Original Flavour - Perisa Asli

“Further to that, I am also very positive that our new DOZO rice crackers will be a big hit amongst the consumers who are constantly on the go and are always seeking healthier ways to maintain their energy levels,” he elaborated.

DOZO Japanese Rice Cracker Individual Pack

TASTO’s new flavours of potato chips are now available at all small and large retail outlets and
convenience stores across Malaysia, while the DOZO rice crackers are made available at selected

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