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TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes Gift Set

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2021: As we ushered this Chinese New Year CNY 2021, it will be remembered as one that will limit our freedom to dine outside and with our extended families. For those that are not great at cooking or wanting to cooked some special but not able to get all the ingredient to prepare some of this sumptuous meals, you are in luck. 

TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes and Steamboat Soup Base Gift Set

Tapaulah have crafted out a number of special recipe sauces and steamboat soup bases for you. To meet the needs of individuals who will be preparing homecooked meals for their loved ones but do not have the time to slave over a hot stove this festive season, TAPAULAH has introduced Chinese New Year giftsets comprising its range of steamboat soup bases, cooking pastes and condiments. The giftsets are an attractive option for those seeking unique and practical lunar new year gifts for their loved ones. 


TAPAULAH Steamboat Series

Steamboat meals are popular in many Chinese households and Chef at TAPAULAH have crafted out 3 steamboat soup bases, 

TAPAULAH Steamboat Series - Tomato

which is Tomato, 

TAPAULAH Steamboat Series - Tom Yam

Tom Yam
TAPAULAH Steamboat Series - Mushroom Chicken

and Mushroom Chicken. These soup base will appeal to diners craving for a hearty meal with a pot of piping hot soup and lots of your favourite ingredients that you can buy off-the-shelf either online or from supermarket. 

You can add fish balls, meatballs, crabsticks, tofu puffs, mushrooms, vegetables, sliced meat and noodles. The steamboat soup bases offer convenience in a jar and all that is needed is to add the soup base to boiling water and leave it to boil along with all your favourite ingredients. 

TAPAULAH Paste Series - Sauce Set

For other days during the festive season, you can drum up special Malaysian favourite dishes such as
TAPAULAH Paste Series - Assam Pedas

Assam Pedas, 

TAPAULAH Paste Series - Masak Merah

Masak Merah, 

TAPAULAH Paste Series - Rendang


TAPAULAH Paste Series - Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice 

TAPAULAH Paste Series - Curry Laksa

and Curry Laksa. Using the pastes makes the task of preparing flavourful and aromatic local dishes a breeze! All you do is to buy the fresh ingredient and with the paste you can have your delicious dishes cook in no time minus all the hassle to prepare these condiments.

TAPAULAH Condiments Series

TAPAULAH’s range of condiments are the perfect finishing touch to meals prepared with the steamboat soup bases and cooking pastes. Condiments make a difference to the texture, taste and final look of a dish, and TAPAULAH’s Crunchy Ikan Bilis, Crispy Prawn Chili and Sambal Manis Sauce are perfect to accompany many other local dishes. 

TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes Series

The TAPAULAH Chinese New Year giftsets featuring the steamboat soup bases, cooking pastes and condiments make perfect gifts this festive period, and are available in a few combinations. 

Tapaulah Chinese New Year Greetings Card

Each giftset - with Chinese New Year-themed packaging and decoration - comes with a greeting card. 

Tapaulah One Meter The Tarik Tea Dust

To complement the giftsets with steamboat soup bases, cooking pastes and condiments, One Meter Teh Tarik Tea Dust is also available to purchase separately. 

TAPAULAH Condiments Series (RM 63 nett per set) 

· Crunchy Ikan Bilis (1 jar) 
· Crispy Prawn Chili (1 jar) 
· Sambal Manis (1 jar) 

TAPAULAH Steamboat Series (RM 68 nett per set) 

· Tomato Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar) 
· Tom Yam Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar) 
· Mushroom Chicken Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar) 

TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes Series (RM 125 nett per set) 

· Assam Pedas Paste (1 jar) 
· Masak Merah Paste (1 jar) 
· Chicken Rice Paste (1 jar) 
· Rendang Paste (1 jar) 
· Curry Laksa Paste (1 jar) 
· Mixed Peanuts (1 jar) 
· One Meter Teh Tarik Tea Dust (1 jar)

TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes and Steamboat Soup Base (RM 155 nett per set)

· Assam Pedas Paste (1 jar)
· Masak Merah Paste (1 jar)
· Chicken Rice Paste (1 jar)
· Rendang Paste (1 jar)
· Curry Laksa Paste (1 jar)
· Tomato Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar)
· Tom Yam Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar)
· Mushroom Chicken Steamboat Soup Base (1 jar)

One Meter The Tarik Tea Dust: RM 15 nett per jar

TAPAULAH Cooking Pastes and Steamboat Soup Base

To place an order for the Chinese New Year giftsets, customers may send a WhatsApp message to 012-3600 561 or call 012-658 0204 (for orders in Klang Valley and other states excluding Penang) / 012-3871 778 (for orders in Penang).

For more information, you can visit Tapaulah website, facebook page or instagram account

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