Saturday, May 1, 2021


Carlsberg Smooth Draught unveils a brand-new modernistic look to create an even smoother drinking experience! In Carlsberg’s continuous pursuit of better, consumers can now enjoy a refreshed look and feel with the same great taste in the Danish Inspired local brew. The debut of Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s new look is now complete across its product family from cans, bottles and now even available on taps making this smooth liquid more accessible to consumers!

Staying true to its tagline – Probably The Best Beer in the World, Carlsberg’s constant pursuit of better is the driving force behind the refreshed identity of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Special Brew in 2019, and now for Carlsberg Smooth Draught. The brand’s new look spotted across its new packaging, visibilities, and amenities solidifying the premium-ness of its identity and freshness of the same smooth, great brew. The most innovative improvement is the scavenger liner to pull-off a “Fresh Cap” on Carlsberg Smooth Draught 325ml and 580ml bottles that removes oxygen from the headspace in the bottle to keep beers fresher for longer. This tiny detail creates a huge difference to drinking experience where consumer can taste fresher brew up to five times longer in bottled beers.


“Growing strong since its launch in 2016, Carlsberg Smooth Draught is best known to deliver a smooth sensation of a freshly tapped beer enjoyable anytime, anywhere. We are excited over its refreshed identity and practical innovations. Coupled with exciting consumer promotions, we are confident to further strengthen the brand awareness and boost sales similar to the success Carlsberg Danish Pilsner enjoyed when it had the same brand identity refresh exercise”, said Caroline Moreau, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

“We are very excited to have just launched Carlsberg Smooth Draught on tap exclusively at 28 outlets of The Brew House nationwide for 2 months. This product innovation just keeps getting better, and we will distribute it widely in starting June onwards to drive footfall at our affiliated F&B outlets”, added Moreau.

To celebrate its new look, Carlsberg Smooth Draught launches its consumer promotion in Peninsular Malaysia starting from 1st April till 31 May 2021. Get rewarded for your Carlsberg Smooth Draught purchases at restaurants, coffeeshops, food courts, convenience stores and supermarkets.

From now till 31st May 2021, purchase Carlsberg Smooth Draught from supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenient stores and get rewarded with Touch n' Go eWallet Credits. For purchases on e-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada, stand a chance to win Apple iPad 7th Generation (worth RM 1,849) or up to RM100 Touch n' Go eWallet Credits.

As for purchases at participating coffeeshops, and food courts from 19th April onwards, be sure to collect the Fresh Caps to redeem exclusive merchandise or Carlsberg Smooth Draught! Collect 24 bottle caps to redeem a limited-edition Carlsberg Smooth Draught 30” umbrella or 12 bottle caps to redeem a 320ml Carlsberg Smooth Draught can.

Elevate your enjoyment of a brew that is as smooth as freshly tapped beer with your buddies today over a cold Carlsberg Smooth Draught! Claim a free bottle (325ml) of Carlsberg Smooth Draught when you purchase two (2) buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught at participating bars or restaurants.

Visit to find out more about promotions in-store. ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ @CarlsbergMY on Facebook and Instagram for Carlsberg’s latest activities and giveaways.


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