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Beef Up - True Aussie Beef By Meat & Livestock Australia - Top Quality Halal Australian Meat

Pan Seared Striploin & Broccoli Salad with Black Pepper Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

Australian Halal Meat: Steak served medium-rare is one of my most popular dishes. When it comes to making a superb steak, nothing beats Australian beef. Choosing your favourite cut, mine being the striploin, and pairing it with a black pepper sauce, and you've got yourself a really filling meal for the day. With True Aussie Beef, you can finally be certain of the authenticity and high quality that you expect. 

You can watch my Black Angus Striploin With Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce entire cooking video on YouTube. A quick and easy steak dish that you can whip up in no time.

Striploin Steak With Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce

Beef Up -  True Aussie Beef By Meat & Livestock Australia - Top Quality Halal Australian Meat

True Aussie Striploin steak

Nutritionists advocate eating lean red meat three to four times each week for a healthy balanced diet. Australian beef, sold in overseas markets under the True Aussie Beef brand and logo, fulfils the description completely and wonderfully. It's simple to buy and prepare, and there's no better time than now to beef up your experience.

Aust Black Angus Striploin and Aust Beef Shabu-Shab

Beef offers several nutritional advantages and is a vital component of a balanced family diet, particularly for youngsters. Red meat is high in protein, iron, zinc, and other important minerals.

Aust Beef Blade Block

Australian beef — grass-fed, grain-fed, organic, and breed-specific products like Wagyu and Angus are best appreciated with varied meat cuts and cooking techniques. The majority of Australian cattle which are grass-fed are kept on pastures,  is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, with a greater concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Aussie lamb racks frenched whole

The Australian red meat sector has a global reputation for providing clean, safe, and natural products, which is supported by disease-free status and sophisticated food safety and integrity procedures.

Airfried Steak Salad Nicoise Style

According to Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Managing Director Jason Strong, Australia's red meat sector has world-leading production methods, is responsible for half of the country's landmass, and plays a critical and sustainable role in feeding Australians and the rest of the world. (

Stirfried Beef with Leafy Greens & Black Bean Sauce

"Red Meat, Green Facts" ( was just released by MLA at Beef Australia 2021. It is a "fast-facts" producer pocketbook and online resource that provides vital information on cattle, sheep, and goat production in Australia, with a special emphasis on animal welfare, environmental protection, and health and nutrition.

Aust lamb shabu-shabu

MLA invests in food safety research and development (R&D) initiatives across the value chain to help the Australian red meat sector gain market access by improving product quality and traceability from paddock to plate.
Recipe - Chargrilled Tenderloin With BBQ Veg
Beef is an important part of Malaysian cuisine, particularly among Muslim customers. Australian beef imported into Malaysia is halal compliant, according to stringent criteria necessary for manufacturing halal meat and meat products, with the participation and knowledge of Islamic organisations to oversee and certify the production procedures.

Dried Yellow curry

With a market share of about 12%, Australia is Malaysia's second-largest beef supplier. It is also the largest chilled beef provider, accounting for over 90% of chilled beef imports.

Beef Steak & Rainbow Capsicum Fajitas

Australian beef is readily accessible throughout the country in major supermarkets and hypermarkets. The various cuts of beef are packaged in a handy and sanitary container with the True Aussie Beef logo on it.

Beef Rice Paper Rolls

Malaysia has a relatively high per capita beef consumption of around 7kg per person per year, compared to the region's average of 5.4kg, according to the MLA Global Consumer Tracker Malaysia, 2020. Many Malaysian households, particularly those with moderate to high incomes, prefer Australian beef.

Beef & Radish Stew

Australian beef is known for producing high-quality steaks, with 40% of affluent Malaysians saying it would be their first choice for their next beef buy. True Aussie Beef Up is a movement that offers healthful and practical dishes that use Australian beef. 

Beef teriyaki minute steaks

Consumers may enjoy Australian Beef steaks and meals at participating restaurants or purchase Australian Beef from merchants to cook at home. They could also be able to join a contest as part of the Great Aussie Beef Escape promotion, which runs from mid-July to mid-August.

True Aussie Beef And Lamb Logo

Explore the Taste of Australian Beef

Check out our cooking video using the sliced beef - Stir Fry Australian Beef With Kai-Lan.
Happy Cooking With Uncle Hong

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