Monday, July 19, 2021

An Open Letter To YB Khairy Jamaluddin - Improperly Administered Vaccine Doses At PPV Centre

Dear YB Khairy Jamaluddin,

I am sure you have received several reports about this issue from the media and social media platforms, but taking disciplinary action alone against these entrusted individuals vaccine shot administrator is just not enough. What inspires these people to do such inhumane acts - most of us, including you, are aware of their main motive.

We know the cases that have been captured and reported; just look at the Facebook posting of some of these individuals who claim they did not receive the injection but have no documentation to back them up. Also, how many cases are we unaware of, and how many go unreported because many PPV centres do not allow video of the vaccination? Worse, these vaccine shot administrators are completely unaware of the consequences of the action.

Let me illustrate this with a very likely scenario. Assume that this so-called vaccinated individual happily goes everywhere and becomes infected with the virus and dies, the person who administers the shot is effectively is a first-degree murderer (because this person knows that if that individual does not get the vaccine, there is a high possibility that they will get the infected by virus and die).

Now, imagine this innocent so-called vaccinated individual wanders around the community and becomes a super spreader, causing more people to succumb to the virus, and some unfortunate people will die too. This vaccine shot administrator should be held accountable for his actions. What is most urgent now is that all vaccine shot administrators are aware of their responsibilities if such death occurs?

A procedure should be in place to link the death of a fully vaccinated person to the vaccine shot administrator of these two shots. This is necessary to ensure that these administrators fully understand their responsibilities in the event of death (not just a reprimand). I hope your system keeps track of who gave the shot to whom so that tracing may be done in the event of a fully vaccinated death.

Finally, people will be concerned about why a fully vaccinated individual contracted the virus and died. Some will begin to speculate and blame the vaccine's efficacy, which will lead to more problems in the future where booster shots (government spending more money for the reason that this shot administrator has their own agenda for the vaccine) may be required, or worse, causes panic and mental stress among those who have received the same type of vaccine.

My 2 cents thought

FC Hong

Concerned Citizen


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