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Father Day's Gift Idea - Japanese Style Salad With Kanika Breaded Scallop Recipe

Japanese Style Salad With Breaded Scallop

Father Day Gifts Ideas: If you can't think of a creative way to show your Father how much you care, you can make him a delicious meal to express your love. Nothing is more valuable than expressing your appreciation by making it yourself rather than buying it off the shelf.

I assure you that this recipe is very simple and straightforward. Here I will go over the steps and what is required majority of which are ready-to-eat and buy, as well as where you can get all of these items delivered to your home. Above all, you can even add more and remove those that your father does not like, making it a special one just for him.

Father Day's Gift Idea - Japanese Style Salad With Kanika Breaded Scallop Recipe

If your father enjoys Japanese appetisers like Chuka, he will love this dish. If you can put things together, this is the dish for you.

A look at the ingredients

Kanika Frozen Food - Breaded Scallop

Kanika Breaded Scallop 

Kanika Frozen Food - Sesame Salad Dressing

Sesame Dressing 

Kanika Frozen Food - Chuka Wakame - Seaweed Salad

Chuka Wakame 

Kanika Frozen Food - Chuka Kurage - Jellyfish

Chuka Kurage 

Kanika Frozen Food - Frozen Seasoned Baby Octopus

Chuka Idako 

Kanika Frozen Food - Chuka Hotate - Scallop Lips

Chuka Hotate

Assemble all the ingredients as per the video, 

Kanika Frozen Food - Ingredient for Japanese Style Salad

Various types of green salad green vegetables (you can substitute with your favourite greens too,
Juliene cucumber
Juliene carrot
Julienne capsicum (various colours)
Air fry or deep-fried breaded scallop - 4 pieces
20-gram Chuka Wakame
20-gram Chuka Kurage
20-gram Chuka Hotate
2 pieces of Chuka Idako
Sesame dressing - up to you.

Serves 2.

If your Father loves Udon, you can also try it this second recipe, which uses almost the same ingredients.

Kanika Udon With Chuka Selection & Breaded Scallop

Special Home Made Udon With Chuka Selection & Breaded Scallop

Broth of your choice 
1 packet Fresh Udon
Air fry or deep-fried breaded scallop - 2 pieces
2 pieces Chuka Idako
10 gram Chuka Hotate
10 gram Chuka Kurage

You can watch our video on Youtube for the cooking process.

Where can you get your ingredient from?

Kanika Frozen Food

HSH Frozen Foods Sdn Bhd began operations in 1991. The "Kanika" brand was founded in 1996 and has since grown to become a leading brand in innovative food products. KANIKA is Japanese frozen seafood, fish, and food provider based in Malaysia. The core business supplies over 1,000 different types of frozen seafood to hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and chained premium retailers. Over 1000 products from more than 20 countries are selected and imported into Malaysia by them.

You can buy the Kanika Malaysia range of products from Lazada, Shopee or directly from the website. Check out their website and social platform for the latest promotion and discounts.

 Tik Tok:

Kanika Malaysia @Selayang
Block K, Lot 46903, Jalan Taman Perusahaan Selayang.
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Telephone: 1300-88-0707, 010-2117549, 012-9897424
Email :

Additional discount and promotion just for you on this coming Father Day celebration.

Father Day Promotion bundle set:
1 x Black Jute Bag
2 x Udon
2 x Breaded Scallop 
2 x Sesame Salad Dressing
2 x Chuka Wakame 
2 x Chuka Hotate
2 x Chuka Idako

From the 6/6-18/6  (Kanika Father’s Day promotion) check out the special bundle price of RM127, a discount of 10% 

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