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Monday, 11 May 2015

Ipoh Town Perak Part 1 Perak North Road Trip Food Trail By Best Restaurant To Eat

Ipoh Food Trail
View of Sungai Kinta at night (Ipoh)
 Once in a while, we enjoy a food trail expedition to other states in Malaysia; one is to satisfy our cravings for authentic, original and some real tasty treat in hidden places. The second reason is also to take a break from our many local food reviews and to add some diversity to our blog.

Familiar queue in most of the makan place we went
After doing some research and many recommendations from people who have tried from these makan outlet, we embarked to make a head way to the northern states of Perak specifically Ipoh and a pass by visit to Kampar.

Another long queue - but this one not worth it here. Details in Part 2 Ipoh Outskirt
This Perak food trail post is divided into 3 parts i.e. the first part is the Ipoh Town Central while the second is the outskirt of Ipoh and the third part is Kampar Town. For this food trail, since we have to covered so many outlet, our review will be very straight forward – we will named the food and rate it whether it is good, worth the try (so so) or overrated (since all the outlet are already quite popular).

For Breakfast - we went to Sun Yuan Foong located at 17, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh which is located in Ipoh Old Town - this is a very popular breakfast place in Ipoh and where the famed White Coffee is from,

Here we also tried their toast bread with poached egg (RM1.90). The bread is buttered up before toasting it. Verdict : Good.

Next, we had the signature White Coffee. Verdict : So So, have tasted better one else where.

Followed by the Chee Cheong Fun in the front portion of the coffee shop. The sauce is a mushroom sauce with mince pork. Verdict : So So. Later in part 2 we had one that is of much better taste and quality which is at Pasir Pinji. You can scroll down to go to part 2 to read about it.

followed by the Yong Tau Foo. The fried Yong Tau Foo was very smooth and at 80 sen a piece it was worth it. The fish paste was chewy and have the bouncy texture. You can also tried the other stuff items like the Ladies Finger and Brinjal. Verdict: Good.

After that we move over to the opposite shop which is Nam Heong

and order the Fried Kway Teow. The noodle was fried to the right wok kei, This is really good although serving is quiet small. We had to order another plate to satisfy our craving.

After that, we went to the other part of old town, where we came across this Tau Foo Far shop which is opposite the Thean Chun Coffee shop. We tried previously the Funny Mountain Tau Foo Far, which was over priced and overrated. So, this time around we are not going for it but tried this new place.

We have eaten much smoother Tau Foo Far and this one does not fare better. The place is quiet nicely decorated though and have an air-conditioned top floor.

Our lunch brought us to 2 restaurant the first of which was to try the famed "Nasi Ganja" in Kedai Kopi Yong Suan located at 2, Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh.

When we arrive, slightly after 12 the place was already having a long queue.

We had the Nasi with Ayam Goreng (taste wise it was so so, nothing spectacular about it except the price which was at RM4.60. If you really love this kind of food, we had tasted one in Petaling Jaya that serves much better. Click Here.

the add on was the Mutton Curry. The meat was chewy and not so gamey, taste wise it was not bad although it lacks the fragrant spice aroma and taste which I love. We wanted to order the Squid, but it was finish by then.

When we were having our Nasi Ganja, we had a recommendation to try out a Fish Meat Noodle which is further down the road. We made our way to the Lucky Ipoh Restaurant located at 266 Jalan Pasir Puteh, Pasir Puteh.

What was good is the Fish Meat Noodles i.e. the noodles are made from fish paste and then cooked in either Fish Fillet, Prawns or Crabs.

Thru the recommendation, we tried 2 dishes which were the Fish meat noodles with Garoupa fillet slice (RM50.00). It is cooked using a clear broth and it was very tasty and the flesh of the fish fillet was firm and cooked to the right texture.

Next, we had the steam Yue Mai (RM13.00), from what we understand this is the Sai To fish which gives a firm and bouncy texture. Since it is steam, you can really enjoy the natural taste of the fish paste used to make this fishball.

For dinner, we didn't want to have the usual Lou Wong and Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken as we find that these 2 places are pricey and their quality have dropped in recent years. Thru some recommendation, we tried out Tuck Kee Restaurant located at No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak instead.

Tuck Kee is famed for its Fried Noodles especially the River Moon Flat Noodle (RM12.00). This dish is similar to the Wan Tan Hor but it is different in taste compared with the KL version, in that it has a funny flavour here and lacking in the Wok Hei and the gravy was quite bland, although it is the top selling in this restaurant.

The second dish was the Moon Flat Noodle (RM6.50), this fared much better as the raw eggs when mixed with the hot noodles, gives it a silky finishing to the noodles.

The third noodles dish is the Soft Noodle (Yee Mee) RM6.50 cooked much like the Hokkein Mee, Taste wise, it was OK.

What stands out in Tuck Kee for us is the side dishes that they had, the first is the Chicken Feet (RM5.00). The soya sauce used to stewed the chicken feet was very aromatic. Although a side dish, the soya gravy is best eaten with white rice.

Next, we had the Poached Octopus (RM8.00) in soya sauce. This dish is excellent as the springy octopus was very fresh, gives a chewy feel and best eaten with this soya based sauce. We had to order another one as it was really very tasty.

Finally is the Taugeh- bean Sprout(RM5.00), which in Ipoh is one of the must have dishes. The taugeh in Ipoh are usually of the fat size, which gives it a crunch when you eat it.

Having difficulty in locating these location. You can click here to follow this trail on GoogleMap

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