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Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Oak Bakery Cafe @Ara Damansara Review - Special Pasta and Pastry Review

There is a new cafe very near to the Oasis Ara Damansara and Citta Mall that serves nice and delicious pasta, pastry and desserts. +BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to the post opening of My Oak Bakery and Cafe located at The Oak Suites, J-1-6, Block J, Pacific Place, Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara, Selangor.

The cafe is located at the new Oak Suites (condo) which is directly opposite to the Kelana LRT depot. The My Oak Bakery has its own pastry kitchen setup and as well as the main kitchen which dish out the other food dishes served here.

It has a very simple and cafe setting while you can also dine alfresco at the front and back portion of the cafe. 

Our review started with some of the special best sellers dishes which is the Spicy Seafood Spaghetti (RM18.80). It is served with a combination of de shelled prawns, white fish fillet, white-squid rings, mussels and lala clams. 

The flavourful base broth of the sauce was a clam(lala) based which is prepared in-house and cooked with sprinkles of chili flakes to give you the spicy taste. It was a subdued spicy level for our dish and customers can ordered with the spicy level a notch or two to suit to your taste.

This is then followed by the Squid Ink Pasta(RM18.80); of which the black pasta which is in-house made are specially cooked to give you a full bodied taste from pasta to the sauce which is also cooked in the Squid Ink.

Be prepared for a black lips treatment when you eat this dish, as the sauce is so intense with the squid ink. Prepared al dente the pasta was of the right texture and gel up nicely with the sauce.

The third signature dish is the Matcha Chicken Burger (RM15.80). The uniqueness of this burger is the bun itself, which is a Green Tea (Matcha) flavoured bun. It is served with French fries at the sides. The bun has a subtle taste of green tea while the black sesame added a different texture to the bite. This bun is in-house made and the thick chicken patties with mayo dressing just paired up the burger to give you a special feel to this simple dish.

The next dish is the Prawn Pink Fusilli (RM17.80) - it is a lovely red pinkish dish topped with generous portion of deshelled prawns.

The sauce is a special in-house creation which marries the tomato paste with a white cream based sauce; cooked with the de-shelled prawns which resulted with a thick pinkish sauce based that exudes a savoury strong prawn taste and flavours.

The last pasta dish that we had is the Ham And Cheese Penne (RM16.80). This is a white based sauce based cooked with slices of chicken ham.

After the main, it was time to taste some of the buns and Danish croissants that are sold here. The first that we tasted was the Mixed Nuts (almond and walnuts) Danish. 

followed by the Mixed Fruits Danish - we love the combination of the mixed fruits (raspberries, black and blue berries) and each bites gives you a simple crunch from the layered danish with a combination flavours of the slight sourish feel of the different berries.

To go with my pastry, I ordered a Caramel Macchiato (RM11.90)

For desserts, we had the Almond Bavarois (RM16.00) made with premium cracked almond pastry cream, fresh berries and almond crisp cookies to make this special dessert.

and the Hanjuku Cheese Cake (RM12.00) which uses a special combination cheese and topped with Blue Berries and flame to give you a slight burnt texture to this no bake cheese cake.

My Oak Bakery and Cafe @Ara Damansara really stand out for their specialty pasta and also their pastry product especially on the desserts.

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