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GOOBNE Chicken - No 1 Korea Oven Roasted Chicken In MALAYSIA NOW

Now you can eat healthy oven roasted chicken without feeling guilty at GOOBNE CHICKEN MALAYSIA first outlet located at Lot L3-043A, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

With over 1000 outlets in Korea and Overseas, Goobne brings a good healthy K-Food concept featuring award-winning oven roasted chicken. Aiming to bring more delicious, healthier chicken to the country, Goobne Chicken Malaysia is now open to satisfy your craving to this Korea Oven Roasted Chicken.

The word Goobne originates from the term “Goobda”, a Korean word which means to roast. Chicken served at Goobne is roasted in the oven for 13 minutes at 195 degrees without using a single drop of oil to conserve the original flavour of the chicken itself. In addition, all the chicken served at Goobne are hormone free. 

Goobne chicken contains fewer calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat, yet crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy inside once roasted. Menu with a variety of tastes surely aims to satisfy every patron’s craving. Goobne Chicken also offers choices of whole or half chicken, wings in 8 or 14 pieces to match everyone’s preference.

For those familiar with Korean fried chicken or in this case Korean Oven Roasted Chicken is they will offer the different recipe of their sauces from original, mild to super spicy. I suppose this will make each of them a more unique taste offering to its customers. At Goobne there are a few choices including the Goobne Original Taste (Whole Chicken (RM47.90), Half Chicken (RM26.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM16.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM2.90)) which is the base of all the other flavours as well.

The signature and most popular is the Goobne Volcano Roast Chicken that will surely excite your taste buds with a spicy volcanic sensation. For those that love a kick of spiciness would want to be prepared with a glass of icy cold drinks to eat this while for the spicy buff might just be a stroll on the park for them. Prices for the Goobne Volcano is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM32.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

For a less spicy version, you can opt for the Goobne Spicy Galbi Sauce is for those that love the spiciness level to be in-between. The Galbi sauce has a sweet flavour with a slightly spicy undertone. Prices for this variant is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

While for the cheese lovers, you will want to taste the cheesy option of the Goobne Deep Cheese Chicken which has a hint of sweet aftertaste. Prices for this flavour is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

For a more subtle taste, you can try out the Goobne Soy Garlic with the oven roasted chicken with crispy coating topped with the special Goobne soy-garlic sauce.  Prices for this is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

At Goobne Chicken, there is quite a selection of other dishes for you to choose from starting with the Cheese Fondue Chicken (RM61.90). There are 2 type of cheese used that will be melted in front of you and you encapsulate the melting cheese into the roasted juicy sweet and spicy boneless chicken either in the Volcano or Soy Garlic flavours option.

To fill up your tummy you might like to order the Chicken Fried Rice With Volcano or Soy-Garlic (RM18.90) sauce to complement your roasted chicken. The Volcano Sauce option is the signature Goobne Fried Rice with chicken and eggs and is served on a hot plate.

While for the noodles fan can opt for the Volcano Cheese Tteok-Bokki (RM32.90); the Korean rice cakes are drenched in spicy volcano sauce and served with fish cakes and cheese on a hot plate. Other options for noodles include the Jjamppong Seafood Ramen (RM21.90).

There are also the availability of side dishes such as Flying Fish Cheese Egg Roll (RM18.90) which is a combination of various cheese rolled up in layers of eggs, topped with flying fish eggs and served with special cream sauce. 

Seafood Jjamppong Soup (RM24.90) that come with clams, squids will also be an option for you to eat with white rice.

and Japche (RM19.90); a Stir-Fried glass noodle with thin slices of beef and mushroom is also available. 

At Goobne there is a special mocktail which is rather unique which is the  RITA - Shark Blood (RM19.90) (Goobne Special Non-alcohol Mocktail). Once you remove the shark, there is a dripping of raspberry sauce that mimics the shark blood dripping from the mouth of the shark.

Goobne Chicken is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For more information, you can visit the official website or Goobne Chicken Malaysia facebook page.


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