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Friday, 23 December 2016

Italian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Via Pre KUL Bukit Damansara Affordable Authentic Italian Cuisine

Fans of Italian Cuisine, you can take note, that there is a new Italian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Via Pre KUL located in the quiet neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara.

Via Pre KUL Address
25, Lorong Setiabistari 2
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Via Pre which stands for Jalan Pre in Italian is the name of a road in Genova Italy. Their Penang Restaurant Via Pre Penang has been operating for more than 3 years now.

The owner has decided to start the KL branch to serves affordable and authentic Italian cuisines to folks in Kuala Lumpur. By the way, Via Pre KUL is a pork free restaurant.

Its root can be traced to the co-founder of the popular Italian Restaurant which is Neroteca. All the menus are scrutinized by him to ensure that you will be able to enjoy an authentic Italian taste.

To ensure the authenticity of the dishes, almost all the ingredients used in the restaurant are imported especially from Italy, up to the flour that is used to bake the bread while the pizza flour which hails from Napoli are fully imported and freshly made on a daily basis.

Our review started with a starter which is Bresaola (RM29.00). The Air dry beef loin which has a slight salty taste is used to wrapped the fresh mozzarella cheese and then served with button mushroom pikes, with a light touch of Evo oil and fine balsamic dressing making the right blend of texture and taste to this appetizer.

This is then followed by the Bruschetta Rustica (RM18.00). All the bread that is served at Via Pre KUL are in-house made like this Italian garlic bread which is served with Italian beef salami, with melted Taleggio cheese and eggplants paste; was indeed a real delight. Served at the sides are fresh garden salad and sprinkles of oregano.

The last appetizer that we had is the Cozze Della Casa (RM56.00). The fresh New Zealand mussels which is the star of the dish is cooked in a spicy cherry tomato broth with condiment, marinara & served with toasted Schiacciata; is perfect to scoop the slightly sourish but addictive gravy.

For soup, we had the La Zuppa Di Funghi (RM22.00) - This soup has a blend of 4 different mushroom with leek into a fragrantly flavored and rich creamy texture. Served with cheesy Parmesan rosemary crackers as an ideal dip for the soup.

Next, we move on to the pasta dishes; the first of which is the Amatriciana (RM36.00) - At Via Pre KUL, besides the bread, the pasta are also hand-made by the Chef. This dish uses the Rigatoni pasta, which is sauteed with onions, tomatoes pulp, chillies & duck bacon and is topped with sprinkles of grated cheese.

The second pasta for the day is the Gnocchi Viapre (RM36.00). It uses the hand made pumpkins gnocchi with ricotta and gorgonzola sauce that made it to a cheesy creamy texture and taste. It is served with steam zucchini and topped with Cecina Ham. For cheese lovers, this is heavenly; as each spoonful is filled with the taste and luster of the cheesy flavor.

For the Main course, we started with the Australian Lamb Rack (RM79.00). The Lamb Rack are grilled to the perfect char while retaining the juicy flavor of the meat and topped with melted goat cheese. The dish is served with eggplants sauce at the side with roasted veggie of the day.

The second main that we had; is the Roasted Fish (RM56.00). A slice of selected fresh fish (New Zealand King Fisher) was pan roasted on the skin to give it a light crunch. It is served with broccoli, potatoes, olives and tomatoes on a cherry tomatoes with white wine sauce. We love the light sourish and spicy taste of the sauce which is perfectly partnered to the white flaky texture fish meat.

We would have not have eaten an Italian meal without tasting its' Pizza, the first pizza that we tasted is the Buffalina (RM36.00). Buffalo mozzarella, pizza sauce, Cecina beef prosciutto, rocket salad, Parmigiano & Evo oil are the ingredients in this crusty pizza.

While the second pizza is the Quattro Formaggi Bianca (RM39.00). Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Toma, Goat cheese; a total of 4 different cheese is used to spread on this pizza. As you would expect from the used of these main ingredient; the end result is a super cheesy pizza. If you love cheese with pizza, this is the Pizza you should go for, as the multitude cheese which has each distinct flavours are fully embedded into this Pizza.

while the last one is the ViaDel Pre Kul pizza (RM36.00) - Tuna chunks with olives, capers, buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella, parsley, garlic, onions, broccoli and chillies are the ingredient used to bring out the taste in a thin crust pizza dough. Offers diners with a combination of taste and texture.

For dessert, we had the Panna Cotta Frutta (RM21,00). Balsamic berries and a low sugar & cream Panna Cotta with Madagascar vanilla. Nice texture and taste with the embedded vanilla pops in each of the Panna Cotta.

and the last desserts is the Creme Brulee (RM19.00). Sour lime based Brulee with a strong vanilla taste; served with topped caramelised brown sugar & flambeed with alcohol.

Via Pre KUL Address & Location Map.