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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chicago Rib House One Utama - Rib Tickling Father’s Day Celebration

Not able to decide on where to take your father to celebrate this Father’s Day. We have a suggestion for you to consider.

If your Dad loves pork and especially pork ribs, Chicago Rib House which is located at Lot F346, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre will definitely make your day.

Chicago Rib House have refreshed its decorations with a more family oriented dining place and some newly introduced add on food item on its menu that is both appetizing and wholesome.

Eating pork ribs used to be a great challenge as you probably have experience fighting and ripping the meat out of BBQ Pork Ribs. We were pleasantly surprised on how they could have made the ribs so tender and juicy even after it has been grilled.

Their secret lies in the use of quality baby back ribs (which are more tender compared to the normal ribs which are tougher and boney) and seasoned it with their signature sauces which includes Original BBQ sauce which is a tomato based with a vinegary and a tinge of smoky taste.

The other sauce is Honey Garlic (tangy honey with garlic taste), Flaming Kansas City (peppery with smoky taste), Bourbon Sauce (whiskey taste with Bourbon aroma) and Caramelized Plums (tomato based with a slight taste of rosemary).

Taking the first bite of the ribs, you will find the succulent and tenderness of the meat that you can easily slurp up from the bones. No more fighting with the ribs. The ribs were very well marinated as you will be able to savour the flavorful sauce in every bite.

If you love potatoes, you will be spoil for choices, as they use potatoes cooked in various versions to complement the pork ribs. They are the potato salads, stew potatoes, potatoes with tomato sauce, baked potatoes, stuff potatoes, wedges and French fries.

My personal preference was the potatoes with tomato sauce and the potato salads as it went very well with the BBQ meat.

To celebrate Fathers’ Day, Chicago Ribs House is offering their “Feast On Ribs” promotion for a full month starting from 6th June 2014 to 6th July 2014. There is also a lucky draw “Vote Your Favorite Sauce” and the top prize which is a year of FREE ribs. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Chicago Rib House to enjoy the tantalizing ribs today.

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