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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Classic Japanese Hokkaido Ramen by Santouka Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur

Of late there have been numerous Ramen restaurant sprouting out in the Klang Valley in droves. So, we have this opportunity to savour one of the pioneering Ramen joint which is Santouka located at 6th Floor, Pavilion Shopping Mall (Tokyo Street) which serves the authentic Hokkaido style Ramen.

The restaurant is decorated with wood based setting which inspired the village setting. Even the tables and chairs and accessories are also mostly wood based in line with the main theme.

Using the family recipe the SANTOUKA RAMEN was conceived with the modest salt flavoured Shio Ramen. The version of the Hokkaido Ramen serves here are the thin-noodle and are imported from Japan. 

The next most important to a perfect bowl of Ramen is the soup, which Santouka brewed up for all its Ramen, is the Tonkotsu (Pork Bones). The other ingredients added to brewed up this soup based include vegetables, dried fish, kelp and some secret ingredient. The soup had  to be maintained at the right temperature (not boiling) and continuous at this right temperature to ensure the taste is consistent.

We started with the signature Creamy Shio Ramen serves with Pork Belly. The flavour is not too overwhelming and was just the right taste to start with.

In Malaysia, there is also a need for some spicy Ramen, and Santouka have introduce the Spicy Shio Ramen which have the same Shio based soup but with an added spices. This was serves with Premium Pork Cheek. This Specialty Ramen is only available in limited quantity per day. The meat of the Pork Cheek is not tough and it is very chewy. So, If you are game for Pork Cheek, you have to come early for this specialty.

Next, we had the Shoyu Ramen (Soya Sauce) serves with Pork Belly (Char Siu). With the soya sauce based, it is a little saltier than the Shio but was very flavourful though.

Watch our second part review on YouTube below.