Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Durian Moon Cake Snow Skin By Royal Gourmet Hotel Premiere Klang

What makes a delicious Durian Moon Cake? That is the question that begets my mind when we were invited to do a review of the Durian Moon Cake by Royal Gourmet located at Hotel Premiere, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 1/KS6, Jalan Langat, Klang

During the past one month, we had sampled a few durian infused food i.e. from Bijan Durian Cheese Cake to Heritage Village – Durian Cendol which were superbly done and tasted very delicious and now we had the opportunity to review the Durian Moon Cake from Royal Gourmet. After all, we are now in the Durian season, what better way to savour the King of Fruits.

I have been eating Durian Moon Cake over the years and frankly speaking, I didn’t really get the kick out of it, due to the fact that the durian taste and flavours are not really there.

Usually the Durian paste are added into lotus paste and then cooked, moulded and baked just like any other Lotus Paste Moon Cake. The taste to me, is quite awkward as somehow it compromises the flavours of the Durian and Lotus Paste i.e. somewhere in between (you know what I mean). So, I never got around yearning to eat it.

So, as I take my first bite of this Snow Skin Durian Moon Cake from Royal Gourmet with a hesitant feeling as I personally is also not a real fan of Snow Skin Moon Cake. That first little bite change the perspective of Durian Moon Cake.

As per all snow skin moon cake, it was best served chilled and the Durian filling in this moon cake was intense. Before you bite, you could smell the strong aroma of the D24 Durian filling, then while chewing, you could taste the rich Durian taste and lastly the snow skin was so thin layered, that it virtually blended well with the filling all in one. To me this must be one of the best Durian Moon Cake that I have eaten.

Later, Royal Gourmet Chef had offered to demonstrate to us how this wonderful Snow Skin Durian Moon Cake was made. We were told that there are no preservatives used in the moon cake, as it is made as fresh as it can be, i.e. on demand basis and that it should be consume within 3 to 4 days to ensure that you really get to enjoy this moon cake.

After having this Moon Cake little making process tour, it was a very enlightening experience.

 To extend to readers of our blog, Royal Gourmet @Hotel Premiere is offering a 15% on all moon cakes, please read the instruction as below. If you can only eat one piece of moon cake you have to try this one.

Let us know what you feel after trying it in the comment section.

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