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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Superb Indian Mutton Curry Rice @ATS Curry House Section 22 Petaling Jaya

Wonder where you can get reasonable price and tasty Indian Mutton Rice in Petaling Jaya. One such place is at ATS Curry House located at 6, Jalan 22/49 Taman Aman Petaling Jaya. A stone throw from the SMK Sri Aman school. To find exact location, please scroll down to the location, it will have the GPS map there.

 Eating at road side stall has some advantage i.e. prices are more reasonable, and sometimes under a big tree.

At ATS Curry House, the mutton curry was very good as the chef have used the right amount of spices with the right timing to cook this simple dish.

The mutton was not tough and did not have the musky mutton taste that will put you off.
Due to the precise timing and cooking skills of the chef, the meat was also quite tender and you need not have to put up a fight to eat it.

The mutton was cut into large boney chunks where you can drool and slurp the meat from the bones.

My only displeasure was that they should have trim off the access fats which makes it not so pleasing to the eyes and you need to really chew on these fats.

For those of you that are not a fan of mutton, you can try their Fried Chicken Rice which are the chicken skin was very crunchy and the meat still retains the juiciness.

Taste wise, it would have been better, if the chicken were marinated to a little longer as the flavors would have impede into the meat rather than just coated on the outer layer.

Price wise, the Mutton Curry with a Fried Eggs and Vegetable was at RM8.50 while the Fried Chicken Set was at RM6.50.

The only setback eating at this place is the house fly (lalat) which also targeting after the delicious mutton curry. I guess they are also a great fan of the food serves at ATS Curry House just like me.