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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Ganga Cafe @ Bangsar – North South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine – A Vegan Paradise Review By Best Restaurant

For a meat lover like me, vegetarian meals does not really excite me much, after all, how much, can vegetables be cooked in any way that will satisfy my craving for a truly satisfying meals. How wrong can I be? We were invited by the owners of the newly taken over café i.e. The Ganga Café @ Bangsar which is located at 19. Lorong Kurau, Off Jalan Riong, Bangsar Pertama, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

This no-frills café is located at a very quiet corner of bustling Bangsar, which is a stone throw away from NSTP office. In fact, to reach it, you drive past NSTP office and turn left at the traffic junction and go all the way straight until you reach a row of shop house or click on the location below.

Helm by Madam Meeta, she has brought her home kitchen to the The Ganga, you will be pleasantly surprised on how ingredients and spices when fallen into the right hands can transform simple food like potatoes, chick peas and tomatoes into sumptuous, delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes.

To start off the night, The Ganga Café @Bangsar offers 4 specialty drinks which were unique, special and pure. The drinks are
Ganga Tea Crush -A concoction of mint, lemon and lime in ice tea
 Pranic Juice -A concoction of mixed herbs, spices and mint leaves- a detox formula
  Mango Lassi - very creamy and thick Lassi.
Lemonade - Lemon Lime with a tinge of Soda.

For starter, we had the Stuffed Fried Chilli – To make this, potatoes are cooked with spices and then smashed and stuffed and wrapped into and around the green chilli. This is followed by a coating of chick pea powder and deep fried. This Stuffed Fried Chilli is then topped up with a spread of in-house made yoghurt and some sprinkle of coriander chutney and garnish with coriander leaves.

The next item we had sounded like “Hello Kitty” which in actual fact is called Allo Tikki – this is quite similar to the begedil in which it is also potatoes based but without any meats.

The deep frying at high heat of the breadcrumbs makes the crust crispy while the potatoes filling with coriander leaves, chilli padi was smooth and soft and spicy if you get to the chilli padi.

Another starters that we had was the Masala Papadam. It looks like a thin crust vegetarian pizza, but the base, instead of a dough based, it is a home-made papadam, which was pan fried till crisp and garnish with vegetables topping like onion, capsicum and tomatoes cubes.

Next, we had the Vada Pav. Pav stands for bread in Indian which happens to sounds like Pau for Chinese too. So, it is not too difficult to remember this. This is a dish that looks like a mushroom or hamburger with a thick layer of patties but this patties is 100% vegetable based which has potatoes as the based and cooked with spices, chat massala and deep fried.

The bread is butter roasted on both sides, with the bottom section spread with red chilli chutney and the top with a green coloured coriander chutney. So, the next time you like to have a burger but not the fats, you ought to try this for a change.

Next, we had the Bhathura Set, which was the deep fried until the Bhathura becomes inflated. To eat it, you poke a hole and you will be able to see the steam escaping from the Bhathura. This Bhathura set comes with Chick Peas cooked with Masala Chat and secret spices.

The Chick Peas was soft and blended well with the sauce. To eat it, you spread a little yoghurt on to the Bhathura and add in a spoonful of chick peas and a small slice of onions. It is just a perfect combination to savour this dish. Best eaten with your hands.

Thirdly, we had the Pav Bhajhi. Bhajhi stands for mixed vegetables, which means this dish is called Mixed Vegetables Bread. The serving comes with the yoghurt and mixed vegetables of which are the potatoes, cauliflower, capsicum, green peas and tomatoes.

The last set we had was the Radish Paratha. The process to make this paratha is very tedious and time consuming. The raddish are first cut into thinly strip and squeezes dried and cooked with coriander seeds and leaves. It is then put in between the paratha dough before the dough is being pan fried. It is served with a potato spread and yoghurt as the accompaniment.

If you are ones of those health freaks, you might want to try the Ayurvedic Chapatti. The dough is a mixture of 6 super healthy grains which is Wheat, Oats, Maize, Ragi, Chana Dhall and Barley. Best eaten with Dhall.

As, it was a Friday and a vegetarian day for the Indian, The Ganga Café do offer a complimentary desserts i.e. Payasam for each diners. The Payasam was indeed a perfect close to our hearty meal as it was very light, not too sweet, as some which I have tried before at other restaurant.

On every Sunday, The Ganga Café @ Bangsar offers a Special Sunday Buffet which has around 18 dishes for the price of RM16 per pax. To catch the latest offering, I was told that you can visit their facebook page which will have an update on what will be served at their Sunday buffet by Thursday. This gives you the opportunity to try out all the special dishes all at one go. Heed this, it is usually jam packed with people, so you probably have to get up early on a Sunday to devour at the Buffet.

For lunch and dinner, you can have the Rice set, which you have a choice of either to choose Brown Rice, Tomato Rice or the Briyani Rice. It is offered in Big Thali, Thali or G-Light portion. For most the Thali (normal) portion should be sufficient.

So, the next time, you do yearn for some healthy, nutritious, wholesome, delicious Indian Vegetarian meal, head over to The Ganga Café @Bangsar.

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