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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Assam Pedas Fish - Bamboo Stalk Rice Savaro Solaris Dutamas Publika By Best Restaurant To Eat

Assam Pedas Fish - Bamboo Stalk Rice

Another unique presentation of the food is that the rice comes in Bamboo Stalk. It is indeed innovative to use this as it is not only very pleasing to the eyes but giving a Malaysia feel. In Sarawak, the Iban uses bamboo to cook rice and dishes.

First we have the Assam Pedas Fish. Assam Pedas Fish is a very popular dish from the southern part of Malaysia mainly from Melaka and Johor.

At Savaro, the chef uses the tenggiri fish and the must have ladies fingers to cook this specialty. Taste wise, it was a little tad salty and it does not really have the spiciness and sourish kick of the traditional Assam Pedas of traditional makan place. Moreover the tenggiri was a little too hard. Either the fish might have been kept frozen for too long or the chef have overcooked it.

This Assam Pedas Fish is served with flavoured white rice.

Rating 2 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/21/2013
Spending: Approximately MYR 19 ()