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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Porto Bello Cafe@ Damansara Uptown - A mushroom love affair Review By Best Restaurant

Mention the name Porto Bello, it must have everything to do with mushroom. So, what is so special about a mushroom meal. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special review of Porto Bello Café which is strategically located at 8 Jalan SS21/58 Damansara Utama (Uptown) 47400 Petaling Jaya,. Selangor.

Porto Bello Café@ Damansara Uptown exudes a sense of belonging and comfort in this new café setting that was opened about 6 months ago.

The décor and ambience gives one a very relax feeling; in which the wall is being plastered with bare bricks design that amplify an European atmosphere and feel.

Our food review started out with the HOMEMADE WILD MUSHROOM SOUP - RM8.90. This soup is cooked with 5 types of wild mushroom, which is the Brown Shimeji Mushroom, White Shimeji Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom and Oyster Mushroom.

With this combination of mushrooms, the soup exudes not only a strong mushroom aroma while each and every spoonful is filled with tiny pieces of finely chopped mushroom, herbs and had the right combination of creaminess, which makes it more wholesome. Accompanying the soup is the in-house made slice wholemeal baguette.

Next, on the table is the PORTO BELLO'S FRENCH ESCARGOT - RM13.90. Most Escargot are served with garlic butter.

At Porto Bello, the chef uses a special recipe of garlic, whipped cream, mozzarella and parmesan to cook up the sauce which was heavenly. Do not let them take away this sauce after eating your escargot as this special sauce can also be used as a dip for toasted bread or French fries. 

The final appetizer that we had was the LEGENDARY CRAB CAKE – RM10.90 which is served with herb aioli and tomato relish.

For those that love to eat crab, you might want to give this appetizer a try-out as the filling is generously filled with the crab meat i.e. you can taste the crab meat with every bite. There are some evident of some light spicy taste that makes this dish a nice pairing if you decide to have some alcoholic drink that can go well with this appetizer.

At Porto Bello Café, they do serve an assortment of snack food, one of which that is unique is the BOMBAS at RM6.50. Bombas is coated with bread crumb and is a Fried mash potatoes ball with minced chicken meat filling. This is a fusion dish derived from the Italian Fried Rice Ball.

If you are familiar with the Chinese Dim Sum, “Woo Kok” which is a fried yam with minced chicken or pork, this BOMBAS is quite similar to that. The difference is; for BOMBAS is mash potatoes instead of yam.

The first main course for the night is the SMOKED BARBEQUE CHICKEN - RM29.90– this is for a half portion. When the dish arrived at the table, we could really smell the heavy and strong fragrant of the smoked chicken.

To cook this dish, the chicken are first smoked using the SARSI WOOD in a special oven for more than 30 minutes, and this is the secret, which explains how the unique special smoked aroma is allowed to permeates deep into the spring chicken meat.

One can really taste the strong flavour of this smoky taste especially the skin of the chicken. It leaves your taste-bud on a high 5 that you really can’t stop savouring each and every part of the chicken while licking up each bone. Note: this special chicken is available in limited quantities, so do check it out with the order takers if you want to try this dish.

The next dish is the signature PORTO BELLO CHICKEN PIE – RM 22.00. For those that loves anything mushroom this is a must try.

The thick and giant Porto Bello mushroom is served with a piece of chicken patty served on top of a pie pastry.

This method of cooking ensures that the natural mushroom taste will not be overpowered by the other ingredient. With each bite, you can taste the springy texture and juiciness of the Porto Bello Mushroom taste.

Next, we had the opportunity to savour a not on the menu item which is the FRITA BOLOGNESE A LA PORTO BELLO - RM 18.90

Like the BOMBAS, the spaghetti are wrap around by the mashed potatoes and deep fried and served with a generous serving of Beef Bolognese sauce. The Chef has creatively created this unique fusion dish.

Another main dish that we tried was the SEARED SALMON - RM29.90 - The seared salmon is served with beet root puree, mash potatoes and beure blanc.

To end this dinner review we had 2 desserts namely the LAVA CAKE - RM 13.90. As usual, this cake has to be eaten hot i.e. when it is served, so that when you cut the cake, you can experience the hot chocolaty lava flowing out.

Scoop it up with some Vanilla Ice Cream which is cold, and you can really taste the sensation of the marriage between the hot cake and the cold ice-cream.

The second dessert is the PANNA COTTA - RM 14.90, a chilled Italian dessert of cream and milk with a zesty lemony taste from the lemon rind and strawberry sauce.

If you are one of those that loves to explore fusion food in a nice restaurant setting, you can try out Porto Bello Cafe@ Damansara Uptown.