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Sunday, 15 February 2015

OKONOMI SUSHI RESTAURANT @PUBLIKA Mont Kiara – Malaysia First Custom Made Sushi Roll Review

There are many Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Malaysia, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review the first to offer; custom made sushi at OKONOMI PUBLIKA located A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

OKONOMI which stand for "as you like" in Japanese key selling point is to provide fresh & premium ingredients for you to create your own Sushi rolls.

First you decide on the type of rice i.e. the brown rice or the white rice. For the healthy freaks you might like to try the brown rice which we did. more of that later. 

Then, you decide the type of maki or Uramaki - Inverted maki where seaweed is inside. 

And lastly the type of wrap which is either the seaweed wrap or the soy wrap.

We first started the review with a salad which is the Salmon Salad.

The Salmon is the smoke salmon which; as usually have a tinge of salty taste and was perfect blend to the garden fresh salad and the mayo based dressing.

For our custom made sushi roll it was an Omakase i.e. we let the chef decide as to the best marriage of his ingredients to be used to make a super delicious sushi roll for us. 

The chef uses the brown rice, with soy warp and the filling of fried prawns, lobster meat and asparagus. According to Chef Alex, the best combination of a custom made sushi has to be a right combination of something firm, something crunchy so that, each bite of the sushi will experience the different texture and taste.

Next, we had the Mandarin Sushi Chinese New Year special which was laden with mini mandarin oranges.

Even the sauce is a special blend with the mandarin oranges and this sushi is only available for this 2015 Year Of Golden Goat Chinese New Year. If you like mandarin oranges in a sushi you better try this.

After the sushi, we took a breather and try a few matcha infused drinks which is Matcha Latte with Soft Serve Ice Cream.

and followed by Azuki with Soft Serve Latte.

and the Matcha Float.

We continued with a snack food named Crab Korokke, It is a tempura flour infused with  crab meat and fried to a crisp with a homemade tartar sauce for dipping.

Next, we had some pasta dishes; the first of which is the Spicy Seafood Pasta. The pasta that the chef uses was the Angel Hair pasta; which are of the fine type which looks like Vermicelli. The use of this pasta ensures that the sauce are easily coated to the pasta.

Please remind the chef on your spicy level as the standard is very spicy though even for me but it was very addicted with the fresh and bouncy prawns and scallop.

This is then followed by the soft shell crab pasta with a creamy sesame based sauce. I love the fried soft shell crab, which was very crisp and flavourful.

After a round of food, it is time for our second round of dessert, the first of which is the Matcha Lovers Parfait, which is elegantly decorated with Matcha IceCream, Matcha Chocolate, Azuki Beans, Corn Flakes, Glutinous Rice ball and etc. Very filling dessert.

and followed by the Chocolate Lava Cake; as a chocolate fan, I find the chocolate cake a little lacking in the true bitter cocoa taste which I adores. 

The Chef mention that he has at first uses a higher concentrates of cocoa but due to the strong taste, many customers find it hard to accept it, so he has since tone down the concoction of butter cocoa to make a milder version instead.

and the last of all the dessert is the Matcha Lava Cake – a truly love affair for Matcha Lover. the strong matcha lava essence was so rich, you almost drown in it. So, at OKONOMI @Publika, it is not just about SUSHI, for Matcha lover, this can be your haven for non stop and everything Matcha.

One of the food that I really enjoyed is the ice cream that are served at OKONOMI; which is in-house made and was very soft and creamy with the right level of sweetness. 

Next time, if you yearn for some specialty Sushi or Matcha desserts, head over to OKONOMI @ Publika Mont Kiara for your doses of this lovely dishes.

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