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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras - A Seafood Haven In Cheras Review

There are not many seafood restaurant in Cheras that serves fresh seafood with a unique specialty taste. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant located at 50, Jalan Temenggung 15/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras 43200 Cheras, Selangor to experience this newly open seafood restaurant.

We feel quite at ease with the above average banquet style decor which exudes the charms of the four season. It has 4 private dining room aptly named after the four season which is summer, spring, autumn and winter.

2 of the special rooms are equipped with the Karaoke system, that offers diners the chance to belt out their favourite numbers after their hearty meals.

Our review started out with the humbly looking Seafood Pot but which contains a whole tasty meat crab which was very fresh, accompanied with squid, clams, prawns and a meat patties which has been added with salted fish. The flavour and taste was superb, as it tasted very much like curries but according to the Chef, no curry powder or curry leaves were used to cook this dish. The sauce is perfect with white rice or Fried Mantao.

Next on the table was a very unique vegetable (green dragon) with bean sprout. It was quite a nice combination as the crunchy beansprout married well with the texture of the vegetable which has a soft texture.

The next dish is the Grill Fresh Prawns which is lightly coated with soya sauce which has our finger licking good while the texture of the fresh prawn was excellent.

After that we had the Salted Egg Squid - we loves the coating of the salty eggs with the squid, but the squid meat was cut to a quite a small portion, we suggested to cut it to a bigger size to ensure that you can really taste the texture of the squid meat with every bite.

After that came the Minced Meat Choi Heong Tofu - This home made tofu was very nicely done, with a soft crisp on the outside while the inside retains the tofu soft texture which marries well with the minced pork and the choy po sauce. Another thumbs up for the white rice.

This dish is a little surprise for us. You can never find this Claypot Kangkung in any other place as this is a secret recipe that uses a special shrimp paste (Ham Har) i.e. the Chinese style belacan, which adds to the fragrant and aromatic to simple Kangkung. Added with the pork lard, onions; to me this is is heavenly and really good with the white rice.

This next dish is the Herbs Stewed Kampung Chicken - There are altogether 7 type of Herbs used to cook this chicken dish and with a sprinkle of premium Fah Tiew wine which adds to the aroma and extra fragrant to the chicken. We loved the strong herbal taste and the sauce was so good that we literally scoop it and drink it. 

Choy Po Steam Patin Fish was the next seafood dish - For steam fish, the most important factor is the freshness of it. You can cook the best sauce but if the fish is not fresh, the whole dining experience is totally lost. The Patin Fish that was served here was very fresh with a firm meat and coupled with the simple soya based sauce with Choy Po; it reminds me of the home style steam fish that we had eaten before. 

We then start our crab journey, the first of it was the Butter Crab - we find the sauce a little too sweet for our liking but nevertheless the succulent firm meat of the crab overrides the little set back here. We told the chef to tone down on the sweetness level. Other than that; it is another dish that score a thumbs up.

The final dish of the day was the Spicy Style Crab - The Chef uses a lot of fiery chilli padi, fresh red chillies and home made spicy sauce. This spicy level can really make you sweat profusely and will be a favourite for those that loves their crab in a super spicy level. The freshness of the crab and the size was a top notched.

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras is having a Special Value Lunch Set, with pricing starting from as low as RM 98 for 4-5 paxs, RM 138 for 6-7paxs to RM 268 for 8-10 paxs. 

For Seafood lovers in Cheras, you can now dine near your house with sumptuous and tasty fresh seafood at Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant Bandar Mahkota Cheras.