Thursday, September 10, 2015

Torii @TTDI Yakitori Whiskey Bar Kuala Lumpur- Premium Japanese Yakitori Review


Mention about Japanese BBQ, the first thing that comes to mind is Yakitori, +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to review Torii  @TTDI Yakitori Whisky Bar located at 30, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Torii Yakitori Whiskey Bar offers a modern bar and open kitchen concept, where one can view your yakitori being grilled with charcoal to perfection before being served to you.

Torii offers fusion Japanese with a western twist where you can down your perfectly grilled yakitori either with Japanese sake or the wide selection of whisky from all over the world. 

For al-fresco diners, you can opt for this tasty fusion Japanese snack at the open dining area located outside the restaurant to enjoy the evening breeze and a cold cocktail or beers.

 Our  review started with the Buttery Shoyu Mushrooms Scallop Broth (RM20) . This soup has a very strong buttery and mushroom flavour. We love the taste and the scallop which was lightly grilled was very fresh, firm and succulent.

followed by 2 salad; the first of which is the Saute Mushroom Baby Spinach (RM20) . One of the mushroom which was the king mushroom have a very firm texture, while the grilled tomatoes added a tinge of sourish taste to the salad.

while the second salad is the Blue Fin Tuna Salad (RM20) . The tuna was lightly pan fried which has a grill on the outside while the fish meat was semi cooked which has a nice sashimi like texture and the fresh natural taste of the tuna. It is topped with a mayo dressing.

After that we had the special delicacies, which is the Bonded Unagi Foie Gras (RM29) ; made out of a thin layer of of grilled river eel with a slice of eggs and pan seared Foie Gras topped with a special sauce.

Chicken Wings (RM4 per skewer) is one of my favorite Yakitori and for this; it would take at least 20 minutes of slow grilling to give you the signature crust. Sprinkle a little lemon juice and you can really enjoy this tasty wings which is lightly salted with sea salt.

Another delicacies we had was the Sizzling Beef (RM35); A sirloin cut cooked with special BBQ sauce and topped with crispy garlic and laid on a bed of chopped mushroom. The texture of the meat was grilled to a medium done which still retains the juicy texture and taste. Served on a sizzling hot plate, the beef should be eaten quickly.

After that we had the Wagyu Tendon (RM8 per skewer) . Although a tad too salty, the texture of this tendon was a little chewy and will goes well with a real cold beer. 

 We just love this King Mushroom which is grilled and served with Shoyu sauce; The mushroom has the crunch, texture and taste which marries well with the sauce. We had a second helping on this. (RM8 per skewer) 

Next, we had the Sirloin Yakitori (RM15 per skewer). Love the balance of the meat with the fats with the right amount of sea salt and black pepper. 

For fans of  bean curd  (tofu), do not forget to order this Crispy Tofu (RM6 per skewer); After grilling it to a crisp; it is served with sesame peanut sauce and topped with bonito flakes. 

for the sea food, we had the Rock Lobster (RM11 per skewer) which is topped with scallion and served with an in-house made garlic chilli sauce.

For those that loves the special parts of a cow especially the tongue; you might game for the Ox Tongue (RM8 per skewer). A thinly sliced chewy tongue meat grilled with sea salt and black pepper.

After the yakitori, for those that needed some carbohydrate to fill their stomach, you can opt for the Torii Fried Rice (RM 25) which is served on a special hot stone bowl. 

While the pasta lover can opt for this simple looking pasta which is the Buttery Angel Hair Pasta Caviar (RM18). The chef uses premium french butter to lightly pan fried with herbs and topped with black caviar.  

The final yakitori we had for the night is the Sweet Potato (RM5 per skewer) . Lightly sprinkle with sea salt and butter, it brings out the natural flavours of the sweet potatoes.

For desserts, we had the Green Tea Creme Brulee White Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream (RM24). A unique fusion between east (green tea) and west (creme brulee); the taste of the green tea was superb; eaten with the fresh fruits of kiwi, strawberry and grapes. We love the White Chocolate Lavender ice cream which has a very smooth texture and is of the right sweetness level.

The final dessert is the Robataya Banana Dark Chocolate Sorbet (RM24). The banana are fried and then drizzle with a strong chocolate cream and served with dark chocolate sorbet.

Overall, we enjoyed the food that are served at Torii Yakitori Whisky Bar especially the skewers dishes.