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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bukit Bintang Food: Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur - 2016 Fire Monkey Chinese New Year Auspicious Set Menu

Serving auspicious meal during Chinese New Year will exudes the charm and joy of the festivities of this once in a year celebration. To celebrate this 2016 Year Of Fire Monkey Chinese New Year, Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant @Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur; Chef Terrence Foong Kuan Onn which has more than 30 years of culinary experience in Cantonese cuisine has drummed up 5 special set menu for you to savour during this New Year.

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant +Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur has been renowned for serving top quality Chinese Cantonese cuisine for many decades and is recognised by the experience and talents of its Chinese chef. 

Unlike most other Chinese Restaurant which are either heavily decorated in Red or brightly lit, Lai Ching Yuen decor is more subdued giving diners a more private, posh, relaxing and cosy dining environment.

The special five Chinese Set Menus for 10 person are the Active & Vigorously Set (RM 1,268 nett), Good Fortunes (RM 1,618 nett), Happy & Prosperous (RM 1,968 nett), Peace Season (RM 2,428 nett) and Smiles Of Fortune (RM 2,688 nett)

+BestRestaurant ToEat was served the Active & Vigorously Set which start off with the must have Yee Sang which is the Yee Sang With Jelly Fish & Crispy Fish Skin. We love the Fried Crispy Fish Skin as it blend a nice crunch texture to the Yee Sang.

Next on is the Assorted Seafood Soup With Tofu. Cooked with a combination of crab meat, scallop, prawn meat, thinly sliced asparagus to give a different texture, color and taste to the tofu soup.

And this is followed by the Buttered Prawn. The prawns are fried and then cooked with butter, curry leaves and eggs. One key point to this dish is not over frying the prawn and this was done nicely by the chef, which still retains a nice texture and blended with the saucy butter taste.

For fish, we had the Steamed Mandarin Fish With Minced Ginger. We love the texture and taste of the steam fish. Steaming fish can be a very challenging task for a Chef; if you over steamed the fish; the flesh will be hard. Getting the right balance especially a premium fish like this takes a lot of perfect timing and patience.

For meat, in this set, it comes with a Cantonese-Style Roasted Crispy Duck. Credit to the Chef for getting the skin roasted to a crisp while retaining the meat to still have a tender soft texture.

Many restaurant tends to offers their green as a gravy sauce type, but here the chef has done it differently on this Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom With Hong Kong Kailan. Choosing the perfectly young shoot of Kale which was stirred fried and laid with a topping of Fried Enoki which is seasoned with a light salt batter was a nice blend to our green dish.

The last dish before dessert is the Fried Rice With Assorted Chinese Waxed Meat Wrapped In Lotus Leaf. The rice are fried and then wrapped in a lotus leaf which is then steamed to add a different flavour to this waxed meat dish.

One of the dessert for Chinese New Year is the Nian Gao, Here at Lai Chine Yuen it is served  as the New Year "Nian Gao" Dual Variation. The first version is the Nian Gao which is sandwiched with a piece of Yam on one side and Sweet Potato on the other which is then battered up and sent to the fryer. The other version are for fans and lovers of Eggs; The Nian Gao is battered with a layer of scrambled eggs and are then pan fried.

To end our review, we were served a chilled Double Boiled Chrysanthenum with Longan & Black Sesame Rice Dumpling. A sweet and cold ending for our review at this lovely restaurant.


Celebrate this 2016 Year Of Fire Monkey in Grand Style at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese New Year @Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

+BestRestaurant ToEat wishes all our  readers a Happy and Prosperous Chines New Year

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"