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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Telco News : Who or What Is Webe? Webe Unlimited Mobile Plan Fake or Real | The Answer is here!

The word WeBe was all abuzz all over the Internet and on all the social media platform. They were a lot of speculations and rumours of this new telecommunication company that will offer a super affordable mobile plan.

i.e. at RM 8 per month for a 20GB 4G LTE plan 

and also for the everything unlimited i.e. Unlimited Data, Unlimited Call, Unlimited SMS plan at RM80.00 per month.

The rumours and market information were pointing towards P1; which is owned by Telekom Malaysia (TM) as the fifth mobile network provider. Some of these netizens went to check the domain name owner and it was pointing to P1 too. All the hype leads to the date 13th April 2016 when we got invited to a special media invitation from P1.

This invitation got us very excited in view of the current fiasco surrounding Maxis which was embroiled in the social media frenzy when the details of a special offer to a Maxis user from East Malaysia who wanted to port out went viral. A lot of frustrated Maxis user wanted to port out after years of paying high prices for the similar plan and the rumours and market talks of the WeBe comes at this time especially for this group of disgruntled group of users was a godsend.

A couple of days before the launch, we had the opportunity to meet with members of the senior management of P1 about this market talks. Our quick conversation revealed some big announcement is coming out and they were very tight-lipped about it.

We went for the event  in anticipation for some great news which will set the tone for a cheaper mobile plan. There were a lot of media presence both from the print media and the digital media at this event.

The much-awaited announcement was made by Mr CC Puan; Chief Executive Officer it was "P1 is history, from today P1 will be known as WeBe". The announcement was for a name change. According to him, we are in the final stage of user testing (for mobile network services) and we will be launching it very soon. So, there was no announcement of any mobile plans. We could see all the disappointed faces around the event halls when this news broke out. 

So, for those of you including myself, the wait saga continues and we hope to get the latest news on the mobile network testing phase and the mobile plan offering of WeBe in the distant future. Stay tuned with us and let us know your comment.

Rumours Data Plan Picture Source: TechNave