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Monday, 24 October 2016

Hot Pot Kitchen - 1Utama - Delicious Pick Your Own Spicy Hot Pot

Front Entrance of Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama
If you love spicy food and like to only choose your own vegetables, meat or seafood at your own quantity, you now have a choice at the newly open Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama.

Hot Pot Kitchen Address
G355, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Normally when you order your food; the portion of meat and the type of vegetables are determined by the shop but here at Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama, you can hand picked the quantity and the type of vegetables and meats that suit your palate and stomach.

With this new concept, you do not need to eat those vegetables or meats that you do not like as you can pick only those that you would consume.

Vegetables Selection

Our Selection of Vegetables

Eating at Hot Pot Kitchen is simple; first, you select the vegetable option which ranges from fresh Sawi, Kailan, Beancurd skins, the mushroom of various types from the open top fridge (note: the vegetables are on a rotational basis). Select the type and quantity that you can consume. The price is at RM 3.99 per 100g regardless what the combination of vegetables.

Meat Selection

Our Meat Selection

After that, you can select the type of meats and the in-house made "Yeong Liu" from the next section in a separate bowl. The price for the meat section is at RM 5.99 per 100g regardless what you take i.e. pork belly, beef, prawns and etc.

After that proceed to the counter for a weighing of the selected meat and vegetables. Inform the waiter on your choice of sauce which there is only 2 type which is the natural flavor (non-Spicy) and the Ma Lat (Spicy one which comes with 3 spicy levels). 

Hot Pot Kitchen practices self-service, so there are no service charges that are levied on your total bill. Once your dishes are cooked you will need to pick up your meals at the counter.

Our first choice; Natural Flavours. This is great for those that does not like any doses of spiciness, Suitable for children and older folks. Perfect with a bowl of white rice. But there are options to eat it with noodles too.

Our next dish is the Ma Lat Spicy Flavours (Level 2). We really like this, as it is cooked with an in-house made Ma Lat sauce that has been fined tuned to the local taste, Again, a real treat with a bowl of steaming white rice as the sauce has a balanced kick of spiciness coupled with the crunchy fried peanuts that are used to cooked this dish.

The next dish is set to be introduced as a standard item from the menu is the Fried Spicy Lala. Again you can order this when available based on your spicy level. We like this too as it has a penchant strong taste that is wrapped around the clams and makes each bite, a spicy affair.

According to the owners, all the meat and vegetables goes thru an ozone sterilization process before being served. This ensures that pesticide and antibiotics are removed from the meat and vegetables. That is why they can claim that there are No Pesticide, No Antibiotics, and No Hormones.

At Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama, there is a free flow of Coffee from the coffee vending machines; that patrons can help themselves on; which is a great combination to tone down your taste-bud after the spicy meal.

To lower your spicy effect, Hot Pot Kitchen serves Hung Fook Tong herbal tea range from Hong Kong. If you are a fan of TVB drama, you would probably have noticed this brand during some of this drama.

Overall, we like the concept of picking what you want and the taste offering especially the Ma Lat spicy option sauce by Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama was our favorite.

Hot Pot Kitchen Address And Location Map