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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sri Petaling Steamboat at Yugami Steamboat Restaurant 渔家味火锅屋

Steamboat is one of the most popular food among Malaysian; especially during the rainy season. We had the chance to taste a special steamboat in Sri Petaling at Yugami Steamboat Restaurant which offers its' steamboat with their speciality broth.

Yugami Steamboat Restaurant Address
107G, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

According to the owner, the name Yugami is actually a Chinese word which means Yu Ga Mei literally meaning Fishing Family Taste. Many people including your sincerely thought it was a Japanese Steamboat restaurant.

There are 3 things that make a steamboat outstanding from each and every steamboat restaurant; The first is the broth and the second is the dipping sauce. While the third most important criteria are the freshness of its ingredients.

On the broth offering for its steamboat, here in lies the difference; They are six different broth option for you to choose from namely the Curry Fish Broth which is served with the fried fish head and comes with the usual ingredient like the Ladies Fingers, Fried Bean Curd, Long Beans and Brinjal. You can literally eat it on its own with the option to order some rice or noodles to go with the broth.

or the Spicy Broth based; which has shredded pork loin meat with pig stomach. The taste is much like the Pepper Soup with Pig stomach although a slightly toned down version.

But for me, my favourite soup based is the Fish Pot which came with Fried Fish Head meat. You can up your orders with an add-on of Fresh Prawns. An order of this will start you off with the flaming of the broth with a bowl of liquor. This gives the soup based an added aroma and flavour to the already tasty soup based.

Others soup broth based you can try out is the Assam Laksa, Seafood TomYam and Tomato with Potato Broth.

Prawn Paste With Ebiko

At Yugami Steamboat Restaurant; they are also some home-made specialities ingredient that can be ordered to go with your favourite broth.

Fresh Prawns

All the ingredients are ordered ala-carte meaning you order those ingredients that you really love to eat with your steamboat; unlike the pre-set option which can sometimes be wasteful for those that do not consume certain ingredient.

For us, we ordered some of their signatures frozen tau foo; it is our first time tasting this as it will be to absorb more broth into the beancurd when cooked.

Fried Fish Skin; lovely with a slight simmer to the soup based;

or try out some of the fishballs or meatballs too.

other choices like this Enoki Roll for you to choose from.

Besides serving the usual steamboat ingredients, Yugami also serves snacked food for you to start off your meals with; we did order the Salted Eggs with Squid to taste.

At Yugami Steamboat Restaurant, there are some special package offers for those, you can visit their facebook page for the latest offer.

Yugami Steamboat Restaurant Location Address Map