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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sticky Wicket @ Bukit Damansara - English Style Cricket Bar

Cricket used to be a very popular game in Malaysia during the 50's thru 70's.Being the first cricket bar in Kuala Lumpur, Sticky Wicket takes pride in its British and cricket-themed menu! The restaurant is located in the cosy neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara, where you can find a plethora of restaurants and bars as well.

Sticky Wicket Address; 
34, Plaza Damansara , Medan Setia 2 , Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A new player in this field, Sticky Wicket opened its doors in August 2016. It is already a favourite among cricket (and sports) fans! An elegant setting greets diners the moment they walk in. The dark wood and leather furniture exude a level of comfort and classiness.

Adorned the entire restaurant are cricket memorabilia; some of which are limited edition items.

We started our review with the SACHIN GARLIC PRAWNS (RM38.00) - the prawns were succulent with a firm tender texture. We loved the strong garlic taste with a slightly spicy taste to whet our appetite.

Most of the food that is served at Sticky Wicket are really nicely paired with the drinks. If you are a beer lover, this is a real good place to indulge in which our next dish MORE-ISH CHIPS (RM 17.00) that come with the rich creamy spicy salted egg yolk dip. We really like the dip that goes perfectly well with the in-house made french fries.

Next is the JALAPENO YORKERS (RM20.00) which is wrapped with cheese and turkey bacon and then sent to the griller.

Our final starters are the BAILS (RM 20.00) another in-house made dish made from 100% lamb sausage rolls that are wrapped in a light crusty pastry. It was well-seasoned with Jamaican jerk spices and came in a bowl of 5 sharing pieces.

For the mains, you really have got to try out THE GREAT BRITISH COD & CHIPS (RM 42.00). At most places, they would serve the fish chips using the popular Dory fish, but here you get the COD fish which has a much better texture and taste. Each cut, you will be able to see the white flaky flesh of the Cod fish. Served with the in-house fries, this is indeed the star of the night for us.

Next is the CRISPY LAMB SHANK (RM 55.00). The best cooking style for Lamb Shanks is braising, but here at Sticky Wicket, the Lamb Shanks is cooked using the deep-fried to a light crisp and served with a herb-infused mash potato with naughty bean sauce. To truly enjoy the meat, we have to resort to using our hand to tear off the tendon and the meat that lingers around the bones.

Another traditional British dish served here is the TOAD IN THE HOLE (RM 29.00) It is cooked with good quality sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter, and served with onion gravy. This is Make-to-order dish, so you have to allow 20-25 minutes preparation time.

Our final mains is THE GASTROPUB BEEF RIB BURGER (RM 39.00) It is a braised short rib on a burger bun with caramelised onions, and rocket, topped with a Mac n Cheese.

To end our lovely dinner, we had 2 desserts, the first of which is the ETON MESS (RM 19.00) a Crispy Meringues with softly whipped cream, macerated and topped with fresh berries!

Our finale was the STICKY DATE PUDDING (RM 22.00), our first thought is that this dessert will be very sweet, but the chef has delicately prepared to served this with a low sweet level which was just about right for me. Served with the Madagascar vanilla bean crème anglaise cream sauce that accentuates the taste of the warm date pudding.

One of the main speciality at Sticky Wicket is its cocktails: a total of 12 special cocktails is on its menu, which is named after popular cricket players like The Smiling Assassin (Muttiah Muralitharan), Dickie Bird (Harold Bird) or the F*****g Old Tart (Dennis Lillee) to name but a few. If you are a fan of cocktails, you are in for a treat.

Overall we like the ambience and atmosphere at Sticky Wicket as it is quite relaxing. Great place to meet with friends and associates over a glass of your favourite drinks and watching those cricket games.