Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kennys Food Cart @ Aman Suria Petaling Jaya Selangor

It's been quite some I have not patronised Kennys Food Cart stall located in the alley of Jalan SS2/4a, Taman Bahagia. 3 months ago, I bought my family to taste out the popular Teng Chai Chuk (porridge), and they really like this special porridge. We were told by Kenny that they will be relocating to a place in a month or two.

As my wife was an avid fan, we got news that they have moved to Aman Suria. They retain the food cart concept in this restaurant setup to provides its customer with a more comfortable atmosphere for dining in as compared to the stalls days where it is determined by nature.

Kennys Food Cart Address
K-G-11 Jalan PJU 1/43 Aman Suria
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Most of the food serve here are the same when they were at Taman Bahagia stall except for some adds on rice dishes. 

Of course, one must taste out the Signature Teng Chai Chuk (RM 8.00). The porridge has many condiments that are added into it which includes anchovies, fried nuts, lots of scallions, cut fried fish paste and century eggs.

The next porridge is the Fish Paste Porridge (RM 8.00). The porridge is served with a soft texture fish paste. 

There is a number of snacks food that is served at Kennys Food Cart among them are the Deep Fried Fish Paste (5 pcs for RM 4) which you can eat it with the porridge or noodles or on its own. 

Next, we had the Fish Head Soup Noodles (RM 9.50). At Kennys the fish head is fried to a deep crisp and served separately. My preference for Fish Head Noodles is for the fried fish to be cooked with the noodles as this will add more taste to the broth. 

Another one of the signature dishes is the Cantonese-Style 'Loh See Fun' (RM8.00) which is cooked in a sauce much like the Cantonese Ying Yeong but with a slightly bland taste. It is cooked with minced pork meat and topped with the Fried Dried Shrimp. I like the fried dried shrimp which has a slightly salty taste which blended well and gives a nice flavour to the mouse noodles.

One of the new addition is the Stewed Soy Chicken (RM 7.90) which is served with an egg and a bowl of rice. A meal all by itself.

You can also check out the other dishes of Kennys Food Cart menu as above.

Kennys Food Cart Address Location Map

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